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Signing of the Magna Carta, June 1215
19th-century engraving by Alonzo Chappel, "colorized" by an unknown artist

Magna Carta Surety Baron

Henry de Bohun

( - June 1, 1220)

Douglas Richardson shows the Gateway Ancestors who connect to Henry de Bohun (or de Boun) in his Magna Carta Ancestry.[1]

This category is intended for profiles that have been reviewed by the Magna Carta project as part of a Magna Carta trail between a Gateway Ancestor and Henry de Bohun and are his lineal descendants (this descendants' list of up to five generations shows spouses).

Gateway Ancestors with Completed Magna Carta Trails

Underway or Under Review

  1. Not all Gateway Ancestors are included in Richardson. An answer in this G2G discussion by Kimball G. Everingham, III, editor of Richardson's books, includes this explanation: "Douglas' work only covers 17th century immigrants. But even some of those with known medieval ancestry are not included for various reasons. Most of the immigrants included are fairly closely related to other included immigrants. Those with long, rambling, undistinguished ancestry, and unrelated to other immigrants, are not included. Others with unquestionable medieval ancestry, but some difficulty documenting a single generation, are not included.... The point is, just because an immigrant is not included in Douglas' Royal Ancestry series, does not mean he believes the descent is in error, though it could." (comment May 10, 2014 by Kimball Everingham)
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