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The Book of Negroes is a historical document that records names and descriptions of 3,000 Black Loyalists, enslaved Africans who escaped to the British lines during the American Revolution and were evacuated to points in Nova Scotia as free people of colour. It exists in two original versions, created separately but at the same time by the British and the Americans as they registered the refugees. One lies in the archive at Kew Gardens, England, as part of the Carleton Papers, and the other is at the US National Archives (NARA)

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1763 Mullberry Plantation, Kershae, South Carolina - aft 1817
abt 1758 USA
abt 1748 USA
abt 1776 United States
abt 1778 USA
abt 1752 Barbados - aft 1796
1783 New York, United States - aft 1838
1759 Norfolk, Virginia
abt 1791 Virginia, United States - aft 14 Sep 1813
1758 Charleston, South Carolina - aft 1827
1740 South Carolina, - 13 Oct 1818
1757 Norfolk, Virginia
abt 1758 Eastern Shore, Virginia - abt 1819
abt 1746 Nansemond, Virginia

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