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This category contains categories and profiles those who have or are members or leaders in the pioneer international children's and youth movement commenced in Glasgow, Scotland, by Sir William Alexander Smith on 4th October 1883: The Boys' Brigade.

The Boys' Brigade, or BB as it is affectionately known, quickly spread throughout the world and is active in some 68 countries covering every continent (other than Antarctica). It became the stimulus for the huge number of 'spin-off' uniformed youth movements, such as Boys' Life Brigade, Church Lads Brigade, Jewish Boys' Brigade, and Boy Scouts. BB's early growth also gave rise to youth work amongst girls, promoting the establishment of such organisations as The Girls' Brigade, Girls' Guildry, Girls' Life Brigade, Jewish Girls' Brigade and Girl Guides. The Boys' Brigade is recognised around the globe by its logo: an Anchor with a Red Cross behind and an attached length of Rope. Its Motto, Sure and Steadfast, appears on the Anchor. The logo and motto are taken from the Bible's Hebrews chapter 6 verse 19: 'This hope we have as an anchor ... both sure and steadfast' (some countries continue to use the original spelling of steadfast, as printed in the Bible's Authorised Version, stedfast).

Each autonomous national body of The Boys' Brigade is a member of the Global Fellowship of Christian Youth (previously known as the World Conference):

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21 Jan 1914 Queensland, Australia - 1963
Living Evans photo
Living Evans photo
17 May 1982 Windsor, Queensland, Australia - 29 Aug 1997 photo
Living Hambleton
17 Jul 1911 Kelvin Grove, Queensland, Australia - 30 Jun 1975 photo
17 Nov 1938 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 05 Apr 2015 photo
1920s - 2000s Privacy Level: Private with Public Family Tree (Yellow)
1891 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland - 1965
22 Nov 1888 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland - 25 Nov 1974
27 Oct 1854 Thurso, Caithness, Scotland, United Kingdom - 10 May 1914 photo
Living Thomas

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