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  • Book: La guerre de la conquête: 1754-1760 Guy Frégault, Ed. Fides ISBN 978-2-7621-2989-2 In FRENCH. This masterly piece of research covers what is known in French Canada as the war of conquest, Guy Frégault combed not only through official dispatches etc, but also through newspaper articles on both sides of the conflict, in England, The US colonies and France. Extensively sourced, well written, for anyone who reads French and wants to understand more about this war, a must read.Liard-1

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  • Ethan Allen 10 Jan 1738 Litchfield, Litchfield, Connecticut - 12 Feb 1789
  • James Archibald abt 25 Jan 1732 Londonderry, New Hampshire - before 1792




  • Benjamin Day 7 Feb 1704 Colchester, New London, Connecticut, British Colonial America - 22 Dec 1777


  • Isaac Eggleston before 1 Jul 1715 Kingstowne, Kings, Rhode Island, United States - 17 Nov 1787


  • Amos Fox 1714 Lyme, New London, Connecticut - 1785
  • Joseph Frye abt 19 Mar 1712 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts Bay - 25 Jul 1794




  • Dumas Lane abt 1746 Hanover County, Virginia Colony - abt 1798
  • Andrew Lewis abt 9 Oct 1720 Ulster, Donegal, Ireland - 26 Sep 1781


  • Jesse Mead abt 1739 Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut - aft 1810
  • Job Mills before 1746 Farmington, Connecticut - before 1763



  • Paul Revere abt 21 Dec 1734 Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts - 10 May 1818


  • Ephriam Sawyer 20 Feb 1729 Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts Bay - Feb 1813
  • Laurentius Seitz before 20 Oct 1696 Lörch, Emmendingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany - 27 May 1757
  • John Stark 28 Jul 1728 Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire - 8 May 1822



  • George Washington 22 Feb 1732 Pope's Creek, Westmoreland County, Virginia Colony - 14 Dec 1799

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