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Brodie DNA Project

If you have taken a DNA test please add this to your profile. Also add this Category: Brodie_DNA_Project (inside [[ ]]) to each direct Brodie that is up your lineage line.

The Official [1] is hosted at Family Tree DNA. But all 3 lab's results are welcome to use this Category Tag.

If you want to order a DNA test and become a member of the Brodie DNA Project, please follow the instructions below.

  • Men with the Surname of Brodie or variant spelling, should order at least a 37 Marker Y-DNA test.
  • Women and Men ( with other Surnames) who directly descend from a Brodie should get the Family Finder (Autosomal) test. It is recommended that you order the Autosomal DNA Test first, then transfer the results to FTDNA. This way you are fishing for cousins in both database pools and it is cheaper than buying 2 tests.

It is free to transfer Autosomal DNA results from or 23&Me to FTDNA, but you must manually join the Brodie Project after transfer.

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