Category: CSS Rappahannock (1864), Confederate Navy, United States Civil War

Categories: Confederate Navy, United States Civil War

This category contains profiles of persons assigned to the CSS Rappahannock (1864)
CSA Naval Ensign 1863-1865
CSS Rappahannock, a steam sloop-of-war, was built at the Blackwall Yard on the River Thames by Money Wigram & Son in 1855 as an Intrepid-class gun vessel for the Royal Navy and named HMS Victor. When purchased from the Admiralty through his secret agent in 1863, Commander Matthew F Maury had intended Rappahannock to replace the cruiser CSS Georgia and was about to transfer Georgia's guns to her. She was commissioned a Confederate man-of-war underway, but while passing out of the Thames Estuary her bearings burned out and she had to be taken across to Calais for repairs. There Lieutenant C M Fauntleroy, CSN, was placed in command. Detained on various pretexts by the French Government, Rappahannock never got to sea and was turned over to the United States at the close of the war.
Officers: Lieutenant C M Fauntleroy.


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21 Aug 1822 Winchester, Virginia - 28 Jul 1889 photo

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