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This category hierarchy is intended to list notable inventors who were born or worked in Canada. For WikiTree's purposes, a person is defined as "notable" if they have an entry in Wikipedia, or some some similar resource such as The Canadian Encyclopedia, the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, the Canada Heirloom Series, or some similar resource, or if they have been designated as a Person of National Historic Significance, or awarded the Order of Canada, or some other recognition. For Canadian inventors who do not qualify as "notable", please use some other appropriate category such as the Inventors category.


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21 May 1866 Regents Park, London, England, United Kingdom - 20 Jan 1957 photo
23 Jan 1894 Parrsboro, Cumberland, Nova Scotia, Canada - 07 Jan 1958 photo
31 Mar 1841 Qu├ębec, Bas-Canada - 01 Dec 1922
28 Feb 1852 Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Bas-Canada - 23 Jul 1917
abt 05 May 1796 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland - 28 Jan 1866
04 Mar 1901 Weston, Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada - 04 Jan 1986 photo
1859 Saint John, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada - 31 Jul 1932
12 Dec 1864 Woodstock, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada - 01 Jul 1923
29 Jan 1927 Pontypool, Ontario, Canada - 25 Oct 2004
28 Jun 1887 Deer Island, West Isles, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada - 20 Jul 1961

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