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New France (French: Nouvelle-France ) was the area colonized by France in North America during a period beginning with the exploration of the Saint Lawrence River by Jacques Cartier in 1534 and ending with the cession of New France to Spain and Great Britain in 1763. (from Wikipedia: New France)

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There were some Irish immigrants to New France, the best known being Jean Baptiste Riel, ancestor of Louis Riel of Métis rebellion fame.

Person Profiles (9)

abt 1718 Cork, Ireland - abt 07 Oct 1786
abt 1675 Limerick diocese, Ireland - 25 Oct 1734
abt 1735 Belfast, (St-Patrick), Ireland - 27 Nov 1780
abt 1640 Dublin, Ireland photo
abt 1669 Cork, Ireland - 09 Feb 1741
abt 1676 Dublin, Ireland - bef 1732
abt 1670 Tallow, Ireland - 13 Mar 1738 photo
abt 1730 St Michael, Newbridge, Ireland - aft Feb 1778
abt 1663 Limerick, Ireland - 18 Feb 1753

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