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During the War of 1812 - Great Britain utilized the local population to raise fencible units. These units were created to protect British interests at the location threatened. The units were never deployed overseas or used on foreign soil. These fencible units were taken from the local population and were to be used anywhere on the continent.

In 2012 The Honour Our 1812 Heroes campaign accomplished their goals:

  1. Permit current Canadian forces to establish a heritage link to the War of 1812 predecessors
  2. Award a theatre Battle Honour, "Defence of Canada, 1812-1815"
  3. Award Battle Honours for Detroit, Queenston, Miami and Niagara to current Canadian Military Units able to claim perpetuate War of 1812 units.
  4. Canada recognize and award Battle Honours for Crysler's Farm and Chateauguay to current Canadian Military Units able to claim perpetuate War of 1812 Units.
Their slogan was, "They Fought for You. Will You Fight for Them"? The campaign lasted for close to a year, but was successful. Due to their efforts the following are now recognized by Canada:

War of 1812 Canadian Battle Honours:

Detroit 1812
Maumee 1813
Chateauguay 1813
Crysler's Farm 1813
Niagara 1814
Defence of Canada, 1812-1815

The complete listing of modern units and Honours granted is available here: 40 Canadian Units Claim War of 1812 Units </center>

For more interesting reading: Napoleon War and War of 1812

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04 Jan 1786 New Brunswick, Canada - aft 1851
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