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The Bonner/Bonar Clan is a smaller clan and as such does not have a Chief. They are considered a Sept of Clan Graham. Although, they maintained some independence, it was more advantageous of Clan Bonner/Bonar to join with the much larger and powerful Clan Graham for protection. Clan Bonner/Bonar did not become fully absorbed into Clan Graham and to this day still maintains a separate tartan.

Clan Name - Bonner

Bonner/Bonar Surname: The name BONNER was derived from the Old French 'bonair' a name given to one who was debonair, civil, gentle and courteous. The Bonner name arrived in England, Ireland and Scotland after the Norman Conquest in the 11th Century. [1]

Meaning 'gentle' (from the French) or `Bona res...' A good thing, this reputedly spoken by the King of France after a very un-gentle act of war on the part of Guilhen de Bonares as he was called thereafter. (Guilhen de Bonares is recorded in Perthshire c.1200) [2]

In Ireland, specifically Ulster, the Bonner name means "mid-wife".

Scottish Bonner's that immigrated to the United States left out of Glasgow to Ports of Philadelphia, New York and Maryland. [3]

Per the US 1920's Census, the majority of Bonner's were living in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania and New York. [4]

Ancient Scottish Location - Stirling

Since Clan Graham was located in the present day Stirling District of Scotland, the Clan Bonner/Bonar was probably located in the same area. [5] Historically, Stirling was a strategically important location and known as the "Gateway to the Highlands" since it sat at the border of the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. [6] Stirling is an ancient Stone Age settlement with Stirling Castle being one of the largest and most important castles in Scotland. [7]

Motto: Semper Fidelis "Always Faithful"
District: Stirling
Plant badge: N/A
Pipe music: N/A
Gaelic name: O'Cnaimhsighe [8]
Shield: A shield divided quarterly red and black, with a cross pattée ermine and gold; on a gold chief, a red rose streaming rays, between two red.

Septs: Graham

Names associated with the clan: Bonner (England & Scotland), Bonnar (England & Scotland), Bonar (North Ulster), Bonere (French), Bonare (French)

Notables of the Bonner Name:

  • Anthony Bonner, (1968-), Professional Basketball Player, NBA [9]
  • James Frederick Bonner (1910-1996), American Biologist [10]
  • Charles George Bonner, (1884-1951), Recipient of the Victoria Cross [11]
  • William Bonar, 4th of Rossie, HRH Charles 15th Great Grandfather [12]

Further Reading

  • The Bonner Family by Kathryn R. Bonner [13]
  • The Bonner Family History by Sue Bonner Thornton [14]
  • The Bonner Legacy by Lucy Nita Bonner Neblock [15]


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