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Clan Makgill

Clan Makgill tartan.
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Clan Makgill is a Lowland Scottish clan.[1]


Crest: A phoenix in flames Proper
Motto: Sine Fine (Without end)
Region: Lowland
Plant badge:
Pipe music:
Gaelic name:


Names associated with the clan: MAKGILL (the clan name), McGill, MacGill, Magill, M'Gill, MacGilli, MacGyle, MacGyll, MacGeil, Micghell,Miggill, McGile, Miggel, Miggill, Megil, Mygghil, Kigghil, MacGhil, MacGall, MacIghail, McGaldies, MaGillies, MacGillies, MacIlgill, MacGeill, MacGheil, McGeyll, MacIyell, McKillie, the Norman-French FilGilli (clearly "son of Gilli"), De Gillis MacGelle, MacKeoule, McKillan, and the use of the capital "N" in place of "M" to indicate that a person is female.

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