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Clan Stewart

Arms of the Chief of Clan Stewart

Clan Stewart (Gaelic: Stiùbhard) is a Highland Scottish clan. The clan is recognised by Court of the Lord Lyon[1], however it does not have a clan chief recognised by the Lord Lyon King of Arms.

Because the clan has no chief it can be considered an armigerous clan; however the Earls of Galloway[2] are now considered to be the principal branch of this clan, and the crest and motto of The Earls of Galloway's arms are used in the Clan Stewart crest badge.

The Court of the Lord Lyon recognises two other 'Stewart' clans, Clan Stuart of Bute and Clan Stewart of Appin.

Clan Stuart of Bute is the only 'Stewart' clan at present which has a "recognised" chief[3].

The Clan Stewart traces its roots back to Walter Stewart who as the 3rd hereditary High Steward to the King of Scotland adopted the name Stewart. His son Alexander the 4th High Steward saw the clan branch into two distinct lines through his sons James Stewart (5th High Steward) and Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl.

C.o.A. for John Stewart of Bonkyl.

Alexanders 2nd son is considered to be the real originator of the Clan Stewart as his elder brother James as 5th High Steward was the Grandfather of King Robert the 2nd of Scotland the first of the Royal Stewarts (Stuart), from whom descend the Stewart kings, the Stewart Earls of Fife, the Stewarts of Mentieth and the Stewart Dukes of Albany.

Apart from the Royal House of Stewart, the main branches of the clan that settled in the Scottish Highlands during the 14th and 15th centuries were the Stewarts of Appin descended from Dugald Stewart and the Stewarts (Stuart) of Bute descended from John Stewart, younger son of Robert Stewart who reigned as Robert II of Scotland.

Crest Badge Clan Stewart

Arms of the Chief of the Clan

Clan Stewart Lands Tartan

Dress Modern


Hunting Ancient


Stewart Black

ARMS : Or (Gold) with a Fess Chequy Blue & Silver

CREST: A pelican Argent, winged Or, in her nest feeding her young, Proper

MOTTO: Virescit Vulnere Viritus

Region: Throughout Scotland
District: All
Plant badge: Thistle
Pipe music: Bratach Bhan nan Stiubhartach (The white banner of the Stewarts)
Gaelic name: Stiùbhard


Box 1. Royal Stewarts/Stuarts

The Stewards

See High Stewards of Scotland

House of Stewart

See Category:House of Stewart

House of Stuart

See Category: House of Stuart

Clan Stewart Baronets, Barons, Viscounts and Earls

There have been a large number of baronetcies etc. for persons with the surname Stewart or other spellings of Steward.

See also

Stewarts of Atholl

  • Stewart Baronets of Atholl. _____________________________________________
  • Stewart Barons of Atholl. _______________________________________________
  • Stewart Viscounts of Atholl. _____________________________________________
  • Stewart Earls of Atholl. The Stewart Earls of Atholl appear in the 4th creation of the title. The first Stewart Earl was Robert Stewart King Robert II, the son of Walter Stewart, the 6th High Steward.

See Also

Stewarts in Buchan

  • Stewart Baronets of Buchan. _____________________________________________
  • Stewart Barons of Buchan. _______________________________________________
  • Stewart Viscounts of Buchan. _____________________________________________
  • Stewart Earls of Buchan appear in the 2nd & 3rd creation of the title. The first Stewart was Alexander Stewart The Wolf of Badenoch, the son of King Robert II

see also

Stewarts in Orkney

  • Stewart Baronets of Orkney. _____________________________________________
  • Stewart Barons of Orkney. _______________________________________________
  • Stewart Viscounts of Orkney. _____________________________________________
  • Stewart Earls of Orkney. Second Creation (1581)

The first Stewart Earl of Orkney was Robert Stewart. (1533–1593)

Patrick Stewart, 2nd Earl of Orkney (c. 1569–1614) (forfeit 1614)

Stewarts in Fort Stewart

  • Stewart Baronets, of Ramelton (1623; Reverted). The 1st reversion was to 6th Baronet Sir Annesley Stewart

Stewart Baronets of Corsewall

  • The Stewart Baronetcy of Corsewall, was created in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia on 18 April 1627 for James Stewart. In 1649 he succeeded his father as Earl of Galloway.

Stewart in Traquair

  • Stewart Baronets of Traquair (c. 1628). The 1st Baronet Stewart of Traquair was James Stewart

Stewarts in Ochiltree

  • Stewart Baronets of Ochiltree . _____________________________________________
  • Baron Stewart of Ochiltree (1630). The 1st Baron (Lord) Stewart of Ochiltree was Andrew Stewart

Stewarts in Ardgowan & Blackhall

  • Stewart Baronets of Ardgowan & Blackhall. ________________________________________________
  • Baron Stewart of Blackhall (1667). The 1st Baron Stewart of Ardgowan & Blackhall was Sir John Stewart

Stewarts in Greenock

  • Baron Stewart of Greenock. ______________________________________________________

Stewart Baronets of Castlemilk

Stewart Baronets of Castlemilk (1668). The first baronet Stewart of Castlemilk was Archibald Stewart

Stewarts in Blair & Balcaskie

  • Stewart Baronets of Blair & Balcaskie. ___________________________________________________
  • Steuart Barons of Blair & Balcaskie (1683). The first Baron (Lord) Steuart of Balcaskie & Blair was Thomas Stewart

Steuart Baronets of Allanton

  • Steuart Baronets of Allanton. Sir Henry Steuart was the 1st Baronet Steuart of Allanton.

Steuart Baronets of Coltness

The first Baronet Steuart of Coltness was Sir Thomas Steuart

Steuart Baronets of Goodtrees

The first Baronet Steuart of Goodtrees was Sir James Steuart

Steuart Baronets of Allanbank

  • Steuart Baronets of Allanbank (1687). Sir Robert Steuart was the 1st Baronet Steuart of Allanbank.

Stewart Baronets of Mains

  • Stewart Baronets of Mains. The first Baronet Stewart of Mains was William Stewart

Stewart Baronets of Burray

  • The Stewart Baronetcy, of Burray in the County of Orkney, was created in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia on 4 November 1687 for Archibald Stewart.

Stewart Baronets of Tillicoultry

The first Baronet Stuart of Tillicoultry was Sir Robert Stuart

Stewart Baronets of Ardmaleish

The first Baronet Stuart of Ardmaleish was Sir James Stuart

Stewart Baronets of Athenree (1803)

The first Baronet Stewart of Athenree was Sir John Stewart

Stuart-Menteth Baronets of Closeburn and Mansfield (1838)

The first Stuart-Menteth Baronet of Closeburn and Mansfield was Sir Charles Granville Stuart-Menteth, (1769–1847) Followed by;

  • Sir James Stuart-Menteth, 2nd Baronet (1792–1870)
  • Sir James Stuart-Menteth, 3rd Baronet (1841–1918)
  • Sir James Frederick Stuart-Menteth, 4th Baronet (1846–1926)
  • Sir William Frederick Stuart-Menteth, 5th Baronet (1874–1952)
  • Sir James Wallace Stuart-Menteth, 6th Baronet (1922–2008)
  • Sir Charles Greaves Stuart-Menteth, 7th Baronet (born 1950)

Stewart Baronets, of South Kensington (1881)

The first Baronet Stewart of South Kensington was Sir Donald Martin Stewart Followed by;

Sir Norman Robert Stewart, 2nd Baronet (1851–1926)

Sir Douglas Law Stewart, 3rd Baronet (1878–1951)

Stewart Baronets, of Balgownie (1920)

Sir James Watson Stewart, 1st Baronet (1852–1922) Sir Alexander Stewart, 2nd Baronet (1886–1934) Sir James Watson Stewart, 3rd Baronet (1889–1955) Sir James Watson Stewart, 4th Baronet (1922–1988) Sir (John) Keith Watson Stewart, 5th Baronet (1929–1990) Sir (John) Simon Watson Stewart, 6th Baronet (born 1955)

The heir apparent is the present holder's only son Hamish Watson Stewart, Younger of Balgownie (born 1983).

Stewart Baronets, of Fingask (1920)

The first Baronet Stewart of Fingask was Sir John Henderson Stewart

Stewart Baronets, of Stewartby (1937)

The first Baronet Stewart of Stewartby was Sir Percy Malcolm Stewart, 1st Baronet (9 May 1872 – 27 February 1951)

Stewart Baronets, of Strathgarry (1960)

The first Baronet Stewart of Strathgarry was Sir Kenneth Dugald Stewart, GBE, 1st Baronet (1882–1972)

Sir David Brodribb Stewart, 2nd Baronet (1913–1992)

Sir Alastair Robin Stewart, 3rd Baronet (born 1925)

The heir apparent is the present holder's only son John Kenneth Alexander Stewart, Younger of Strathgarry (born 1961).

Stewart-Clark Baronets of Dundas

This family are not members of Clan Stewart the original family name being Clark. They are included in this list for interest and information.

Sir John Stewart-Clark, 1st Baronet (1864–1924)

Sir Stewart Stewart-Clark, 2nd Baronet (1904–1971)

Sir John Stewart-Clark, 3rd Baronet (born 1929)

Henderson-Stewart Baronets, of Callumshill

The first Baronet Henderson-Stewart was Sir James Henderson-Stewart, 1st Baronet (1897–1961)

Sir David James Henderson-Stewart, 2nd Baronet (born 1941)

MacTaggart-Stewart Baronets, of Southwick and Blairderry

The first Baronet MacTaggart-Stewart of Southwick and Blairderry was Sir Mark John McTaggart-Stewart, 1st Baronet (1834–1923)

Sir Edward Orde McTaggart-Stewart, 2nd Baronet (1883–1948)

See Ref 8 below.

C.o.A. for the Dukes of Albany.

Stewarts of Albany

The Stewarts of Albany are descended from King Robert II of Scotland.

Dukes of Albany

The Stewarts of Baldorran

Descended from Murdoch Stewart (2nd Duke of Albany)

James Stewart was the first Laird of Baldorran.

From him descend the Stewarts of Balquhidder these include:

The Stewarts of Ardvorlich, Lettir, Gartnafuaran, Garoquhill, Glenbuckie, Portnellan, Annat, Drumvaich, Lanrick, Milton of Cambus, Powblack & Rait.

See Other Cadets of Clan Stewart - Stewarts of Balquhidder.

Stewarts of Avandale (Avondale)

C.o.A. for the Stewarts of Avandale.

Andrew Stewart 1st Stewart Lord Avandale, descended from Robert 1st Duke of Albany. Also descended from this branch are the Stewarts of Morphie, Culbeg & Garchoile.

The Stewarts of Inchbrek & Johnston

C.o.A. for the Stewarts of Inchbreck.

The grandson of Walter Stewart of Morphie, David Stewart was the 1st Laird of Inchbreck.

The Stewarts of Ochiltree

C.o.A/ for the Stewart Lords of Ochilltree.

In 1543 Andrew Stewart 3rd Lord Avandale obtained an act of Parliament to change his title to Lord Stewart of Ochiltree. From this Line descend the Stewarts of Bonnytoun, Monkton, Barbowie, Braidwood, Dunregan, Nether Cogar and Wester Braco all of which died out. Other lines were Castle Stewart & Arran.

The Stewarts of Castle Stewart

Andrew Stewart the 3rd Lord Stewart of Ochiltree ruined himself and in 1615 his estates and the title Lord Stewart of Ochiltree passed to his cousin Sir James Stewart of Killeith the son of James Stewart of Bothwellmuir. Andrew later received grants of land in Tyrone, Ireland and the title Baron (Lord) Stewart of Castle Stewart.

The Stewarts of Gortigil & Athenree

The first Stewart in Gortigil, County Tyrone was Captain Andrew Stewart he was the ancestor of Sir John Stewart the 1st Baronet Stewart of Athenree, Tyrone Ireland

The Stewarts of Arran

C.o.A. for James Stewart Earl of arran.

James Stewart of Bothwellmuir the 2nd son of Andrew Stewart the 2nd Lord Stewart of Ochiltree was made Earl of Arran, Lord of Arrane and Hamilton in 1585.

The Stewarts of Methven

The Stewarts of Methven are descended from Henry Stewart (1st Lord Methven), he was born abt 1495, he was the second son of Andrew Stewart, 2nd Lord Avondale.

The Stewarts of Doune & Moray

C.o.A. for the Stuart Earls of Moray.

The Stewarts of Doune & Moray are descended from Sir James Stewart of Beith, the 3rd son of Andrew Stewart, 2nd Lord Avondale.

The Stuarts of Dunearn

The Stuarts of Dunearn are descended from Archibald Stewart the fourth son of the fourth Earl of Moray.

Stewarts of Ballechin

C.o.A. for Stewart of Ballechin.

The Stewarts of Ballechin are descended from James Stewart of Sticks and Ballechin, a natural son of King James II. He was the ancestor of the Steuarts of Arnagang, Ballechin, Innervack, Killichassie, the later Kynachins, Loch of Clunie and Stewartfield.

The first Lord of Ballechin was Patrick Stewart

Stewarts of Fife

C.o.A. for the Earls of Fife.

The Stewarts of Fife are descended from King Robert II of Scotland.

Earls of Fife

Stewarts of Ardgowan

C.o.A. for Stewart of Ardgowan.

Sir John Stewart of Ardgowan was a son of King Robert III of Scotland. From him descend the Stewarts of Ardgowan, Auchingowan, Blackhall, Carnock, Christwell, Gask, Greenock, Kincarachy, Kirkwood, Lumloch, Newton, Pardovan, Scotstoun, Steuarthall, & Wester Polmaise.

Stewarts of Blackhall

The Stewarts of Blackhall are descended from Sir John Stewart of Ardgowan a natural son of King Robert III. He is also the ancestor of the stewarts of Auchingowan, Carnock, Christwell, Gask, Greenock, Kincarachy, Kirkwood, Lumloch, Newton, Pardovan, Scotstoun, Steuarthall and Wester Polmaise.

Stewarts of Steuart Hall

The 1st Laird of Steuart Hall was Walter Steuart


A titled branch of the Stewarts of Ardgowan they descend from Michael Stewart-Nicolson till the present day

Stewarts of Menteith

C.o.A. for the Stewart Earls of Menteith.

The Stewarts of Menteith are the earliest Cadets of the Clan Stewart. They are descended from Walter Stewart the 3rd High Steward.

Walters son, also Walter, married Mary sister of Isabella countess of Menteith. He was confirmed as Earl of Menteith in 1285.

The dynasty was short lived when both of his sons adopted the surname Menteith.

Earls of Menteith

Stewarts of Kincardine

The Stewarts of Kincardine are descended from The first Earl of Buchan James Stewart The Wolf of Badenoch.

The first Stewart Laird (Baron) of Kincardine was Sir Walter Stewart also known as The Red Knight.

Box 2. Clan Stewart of Appin

Clan Stewart of Appin

The Stewarts of Appin descend from Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl, son of Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward of Scotland.

C.o.A. of the Chief of Clan Stewart of Appin.

Dugald Stewart was the first Laird of Appin

See: Clan Stewart of Appin

See . Peerage of Scotland

Also: House of Stewart

Box 3. Clan Stuart of Bute

Clan Stuart of Bute

C.o.A. for the Chief of Clan Stuart of Bute.

The chiefs of the Clan Stuart of Bute are descended from John Stewart, younger son of Robert Stewart who reigned as Robert II of Scotland.

See; Clan Stuart of Bute

See . Peerage of Scotland

Also: House of Stewart

Box 4. Other Cadets of Clan Stewart

Other Cadets of Clan Stewart

See Note 2.

The first and principal seat of the Stewarts was in Renfrewshire, but branches of them penetrated into the Western Highlands and Perthshire, and acquiring territories there, became founders of distinct families of the name.

Of these the principals were the Stewarts of Bonkyl, the Stewarts of Athole, and the Stewarts of Balquhidder, from one or the other of which all the rest have been derived.

Stewarts of Bonkyl (Bonkil)

The Stewarts of Bonkyl are descended from Alexander Stewart the 4th High Steward to the King of Scotland. Under this heading are grouped all of the Stewarts who came off the main stem prior to the family attaining the crown.

C.o.A. for John Stewart of Bonkyl.

Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl the second son of Alexander Stewart the fourth High Steward to the King of Scotland was Killed at the battle of Falkirk in 1298. He was married to Margaret of Bonkyl heiress of Sir Alexander De Bonkyl in Berwickshire. By Margaret he had five sons and one daughter.

The line of his eldest son, Sir Alexander Stewart, became Earls of Angus[4], and ended in a female who carried the earldom to the Douglases, who are Earls of Angus and Dukes of Hamilton at the present day.

From his second son, Sir Alan Stewart of Darnley, descended the Stewart Earls of Lennox[5], whose heir, Lord Darnley married Mary Queen of Scots, and became ancestor of the later Stewart kings. From Sir Alan also descended the Earls of Galloway, who are chiefs of the Stewarts at the present hour.

From Bonkyl's fourth son James Stewart came the Stewart Lords of Lorn (not to be confused with the Lairds[6] of Lorn), from whom descended the Stewarts of Innermeath in Strathearn, the Stewarts of Murthly and Grandtully, the Stewart Earls of Athol, and the Stewarts of Appin.

From Bonkyl's youngest son Robert Stewart, came the Stewarts of Daldowie & Allanton and their cadets.

The Stewarts of Buchan, Traquair and Grandtully

James Stewart was the second son of Sir James Stewart, the Black Knight of Lorne, and Joan Beaufort, the widow of James I of Scotland. "Hearty James" was a younger brother of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl, and a younger half-brother of James II of Scotland and Princess Margaret Stewart, first wife of Louis XI of France.[citation needed]

C.o.A. for the Stewarts of Buchan.

In 1467, his nephew James III granted him and his wife the lands of the Baronies of Strathalva and Down, with the Castle of Banff and the fishings of the water of River Deveron. In 1469, James III conferred on James the Earldom of Buchan (first of the third creation). James III conferred the estate of Traquair.

C.o.A. for the Stewarts of Traquair.

In 1491 Buchan conferred Traquair, on his natural son, James Stewart. Buchan died in 1499, and was succeeded by his son, Alexander, 2nd Earl of Buchan.

C.o.A. for John Stewart 3rd Stewart Earl of Buchan.

The Stewarts or Steuarts of Grandtully, Perthshire, are descended from James Stewart of Pierston and Warwickhill, Ayrshire, who fell at Halidon Hill in 1333, fourth son of Sir John Stewart of Bonkill, son of Alexander, fourth lord-high-steward of Scotland, who died in 1283.

C.o.A. for the Steuarts of Grandtully

James Stewart's son was Sir Robert Stewart of Shambothy and Innermeath, whose son, Sir John Stewart, was the first of the Stewarts of Lorn. The fourth son of the latter, Alexander Stewart , was ancestor of the Stewarts of Grandtully.

C.o.A. for William Stewart 11th Laird of Grandtully.

"On the resignation of his father, Sir John (apparently the first Stewart of Grandtully), he received a charter from Archibald, Earl of Douglas, of the lands of Grandtully, Kyltilich, and Aberfeldy, 30th March 1414. He married Margaret, sister of John Hay of Tulliebodie".

The Lairds of Grandtully continue well into 17th century.

The Stewarts of Daldowie & Allanton

The first Laird of Daldowie was Robert Stewart

The first Laird of Allanton & Daldowie was Allan Stewart

The Steuarts of Fondoynet

John Steuart the 3rd son of Thomas Steuart the 8th Laird of Grandtully was the founder of the Steuarts of Fondoynet.

The Steuarts of Innernytie
C.o.A. for Steuart of Innernytie.

Sir William Steuart the second son of the 11th Laird of Grandtully was the founder of the Steuarts of Innernytie.

The Steuarts of Fungorth & Balleid

John Steuart the 5th son of Sir William Steuart (11th Laird of Grandtulley) was the ancester of the Steuarts of Fungorth in the Parish of Dunkeld & Balleid in the Parish of Kinloch.

Sir Thomas Steuart of Blair (Grandson of the 11th Laird), the 1st Lord Balcaskie was an Ancestor of Lord Douglas of Douglas Castle.

The Steuarts of Blair & Balcaskie

C.o.A. for Steuart of Blair & Balcaskie.

The Stewart Baronetcy of Blair and Balcaskie in the County of Fife, was created in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia for Sir Thomas Steuart, the Grandson of Sir William Steuart of Grandtully. Sir Thomas was made the 1st Baronet of Blair & Balcaskie on 2 June 1683. The title became extinct on the death of the eighth Baronet in 1890.

The Steuart Fotheringhams of Powrie

The First Laird of Powrie was David Steuart Fotheringham.

The Stewarts of Galloway

C.o.A. Earl of Galloway.

The Origin of this family cannot be proved beyond Sir William Stewart of Jedworth. See Note 1

The 1st Stewart Earl of Galloway was Sir Alexander Stewart of Garlies.

The Stewarts of Dalswinton & Garlies

C.o.A. for Walter Stewart of Dalswinton.

Marion Stewart the only daughter of Walter Stewart married Sir John Stewart of Dalswinton and Garlies (d. circa 1419/20) who was the son of Sir William Stewart of Jedworth.

A contract for the marriage of Sir John Stewart of Dalswinton and Garlies and Marion Stewart was signed on 17 October 1396.

Descended from Walter Stewart, John Stewart of Bonkyl's 3rd Son. He fought in the Battle of Homildon Hill in 1402, where he was captured by the English, but escaped. He lived at Dalswinton, Dumfries-shire, Scotland.

He died circa 1419/20, killed in action.

C.o.A. for Stewarts of Dalswinton & Garlies.

Children of Sir John Stewart of Dalswinton and Garlies and Marion Stewart

  • 1. Sir William Stewart of Dalswinton and Garlies. b. C. 1405. Died c. 1479.


1) Elizabeth.

2) Euphame Graham

The Stewarts of Minto & Marbottle
C.o.A. Stewart of Minto.

The Stewart line of Minto descends from Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl. There are two distinct lines, from his second son, Sir Alan Stewart of Dreghorn and the Darnleys, descends the Stewart line of minto. There is a further connection through Sir Walter Stewart and the lines of Dalswinton & Castlemilk. The first Stewart Laird of Minto was Thomas Stewart. The Last Stewart Laird of Minto was John Stewart.

Stewarts of Fintalloch
C.o.A. for Stewart of Fintalloch.

The Stewarts of Fintalloch are descended from Alexander Stewart the brother of Sir Thomas Stewart of Minto.

The 1st Stewart Laird of Fintalloch was Archibald Stewart.

The Stewarts of Fort Stewart

The Stewarts of Fort Stewart in County Donegal, Ireland, are descended from Gen. William Stewart the youngest son of Archibald Stewart 2nd of Fintalloch.

Originally settling around "Fort Stewart" the Ruling elite were the Baronets of Ramelton.


Stewarts of Shambelly
C.o.A. for stewart of Shambelly.

The Stewarts of Shambelly (later to be spelt Shambellie) are descended from Alexander Stewart the brother of Thomas Stewart of Minto.

The 1st Stewart Laird of Shambelly was John Stewart

The Last Laird of Shambellie was Charles William Stewart. After financial disaster caused the loss of most of the estate Charles managed to keep Shambellie House. By 1977 the house was still proving to be too expensive and impractical to run and so he donated it along with his collection of 2,000 costumes and accessories to the Royal Scottish Museum. In 1982 Shambellie was opened as the National Museum of Costume but sadly it closed down in 2013.

However the blood line continues through Charles nephews who were living in the Phillipines.

Stewarts of Blantyre
C.o.A. for Lord of Blantyre.

Descended from Alexander Stewart 3rd Laird of Garlies. Sir Walter Stewart of Minto became the 1st Lord of Blantyre.

The line becomes extinct with Charles Stuart the 12th Lord of Blantyre.

Stewarts of Physgill
C.o.A. for stewart of Physgill.

The first Stewart Laird of Physgill was Alexander Stewart The Grandson of Sir Alexander Stewart 5th Laird of Garlies.

This illustrious branch of the family Stewart can be followed into the 21st century with the birth in 2011 of Sam Hathorn Johnston-Stewart.

The Stewarts of Angus

C.o.A. for the Stewart Earls of Angus.

John Stewart of Bonkyll, Berwickshire, obtained the title Earl of Angus in a new line after the forfeiture of the de Umfraville line, though the latter family continued to use the title in England.

This Stewart line ended with Margaret Stewart, countess of Angus in her own right, and widow of Thomas, Earl of Mar.

Sir John Stewart, Earl of Angus died in 1331 leaving one son the second Earl of Angus, Thomas Stewart. Thomas died in 1361 Leaving two Daughters.

See; Earls of Angus

The Stewarts of Lorne (Lorn) and Innermeath

Robert Stewart of Rosyth (Later of Durisdeer), married Janet de Ergadia Janet Macdougall, the daughter and heiress of John de Ergadia, the Lord of Lorn (see Ref 7).

Robert, on becoming Laird of Lorn, exchanged his lordship of Lorn with his brother Sir John Stewart, for the lands of Durrisdeer, of which he had a charter of confirmation from King Robert II. dated 13 April 1388.

He was an ancestor of the family of Stewart of Rosyth, Briery Hill, Craigiehall, Craigtoun, Durisdeer, Easter Banchrie, Easter Kennet, Hershaw, Kinnaird, Kirkandris, Kirkhill, Lucheld, Newhall, Straebrook and Wester Cleish.

The first Baronet (Lord) of Lorn was Robert the son of John Stewart (Laird) of Lorn and Isabel de Ergadia, sister of Janet.

Lorn, Innermeath (invermay) & Durisdeer.

1st Lord Lorn was Robert Stewart

2nd Lord Lorn Was John Stewart

3rd Lord Lorn Walter Stewart

C.o.A. for Walter Stewart 1st Lord Innermeath.

The Lordship (Laird) of Lorn was passed to Colin Campbell, 1st Earl of Argyll, the husband of Isabelle Stewart, daughter of John Stewart, 2nd Lord Lorne and niece of Walter Stewart, 1st Lord Innermeath, in 1470.

1st Lord Innermeath was Walter Stewart

2nd Lord Innermeath was Thomas Stewart

c.o.A. for Richard Stewart 3rd Lord of Innermeath.

3rd Lord Innermeath was Richard Stewart

C.o.A. for John Stewart 4th Lord Innermeath.

4th Lord Innermeath was John Stewart

5th Lord Innermeath was James Stewart

C.o.A. for John Stewart 6th Lord Of Innermeath & 1st Earl of Atholl.

6th Lord Innermeath was John Stewart who was also 1st Stewart Earl of Atholl

7th Lord Innermeath was James Stewart who was also 2nd Stewart Earl of Atholl

Both titles became extinct upon the death of James Stewart, 2nd Earl of Atholl and 7th Lord Innermeath.

The Stewarts of Rosyth

C.o.A. for Stewart of Rosyth.

David Stewart the 1st Laird of Rosyth was the son of Sir Robert Stewart of Durisdeer and his wife Janet Macdougal.

He had built the Castle of Rosyth for the Stewarts of Rosyth.

The Stewarts of Craigie Hall

The representative of Stewart of Durisdeer and Rossyth, John Stewart, became possessed of the great estate of Craigie Hall, in the county of Linlithgow, by marriage with the heiress of the ancient family of Craig, of Craigie Hall.

Stewarts of Atholl

The first Stewart Earl of Atholl (the fourth Creation) was Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl (1316–1390), a grandson of Robert I, he ceased to be Earl of Atholl in 1367, and later became King Robert II in 1371.

David Stewart, Duke of Rothesay, 1st Earl of Atholl (the fifth creation), a grandson of Robert II, died without issue

Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, 1st Earl of Atholl (sixth creation), third son of Robert II, was created Earl of Atholl for the life of his brother (Robert III) only. He therefore lost the earldom upon the death of his brother in 1406.

Walter Stewart 1st Earl of Atholl (the seventh creation), a son of King Robert II of Scotland. He was the sixth and youngest son of Robert II, was attainted (his honours forfeit) and executed for his part in the murder of James I.

Queen Joan, widow of James I of Scotland married James Stewart the Black Knight of Lorne who was descended from the fourth High Steward. Their son was Sir John Stewart of Balveny who was granted the Earldom of Athol by his half-brother, James II of Scotland. 1st Earl of Athol, 8th Making in 1457. He supported his brother, commanding the royal forces that opposed the rebellion by the Lord of the Isles.

The fifth Stewart Earl of Athol (8th Making) died with no male issue. There were 5 Stewart earls of Atholl in the eighth creation.

For the ninth creation the 1st Earl was John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl (1566–1603) (only son of the 5th Lord Innermeath). His son James Stewart, 2nd Earl of Atholl (d. 1625) (only son of the 1st Earl, he died without issue and both titles became extinct)

The Stewart Earldom ceased after the ninth creation when Sir William Murray of Castleton (who had married Lady Margaret, daughter of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl) became 1st Earl of Atholl 10th making

Many Stewarts continued to live in the Atholl area with many claiming descent from the Wolf of Badenoch. These Stewarts of Atholl are descended from Walter a son of Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan (the Wolf of Badenoch).

They were mainly transferred by allegiance to the Murray Earls of Athol and were known as Athol men. This is maintained today with the Athol Highlanders, Europe's only legal private army. General David Stewart of Garth, an Athol man, was an officer in the Black Watch regiment and his book, Sketches of the Highlanders and Highland Regiments, popularized his homeland in Victorian England.

James Stewart built a strong castle at [Garth Castle] where he settled at the end of the 14th century. Structures have dotted the land of Garth Castle since 1100 AD according to the monks of Fortingall records. The first Castle of Garth was built in the early 1200s by Alexander II, King of Scots (and grandson of Robert Bruce). Edward I of England sent his soldiers to destroy the structure, breaking down the massive stone walls with catapults and fierce fighting men.

The heir to Garth, Alexander Stewart (the Wolf of Badenoch) rebuilt and fortified the castle structure in 1384, to resist the onslaught of flaming arrows and rocks hurled from catapults.

C.o.A. for John Stewart Earl of Athol.

See; Earls of Atholl

The Stewarts of Fothergill

The first laird of Fothergill was James Stewart

The Stewarts of Fothergill and Garth

The first Laird of Fothergill and Garth was John Stewart

The Stewarts of Bonskeid

The first Laird of Bonskeid was Alexander Stewart

The Stewarts of Wester Clunie

The first Laird of Wester Clunie was James Stewart

The Stewarts of Strathearn & Caithness

C.o.A. for the Earls of Strathearn & Caithness.

David Stewart was born about 1357 the eldest son of King Robert II, King of Scotland, by his second wife Euphemia Ross.

In 1371 he was made Earl of Strathearn, and shortly after this date was created Earl of Caithness.

He died before 1389, leaving a daughter, Euphemia, Countess of Strathearn and Caithness.

After 1390 she resigned the latter Earldom to her uncle, Walter, Earl of Atholl. She afterwards married Patrick Graham, who in her right became Earl of Strathearn.

See:- Earl of Caithness & Earls of Strathearn

The Stewarts of Dreghorn & Darnley

The Stuarts of Darnley trace their roots back to Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl.

C.o.A. for Stewarts (Stuart) of Darnley.

Sir Alan Stewart of Dreghorn, son of John Stewart of Bonkyl, was the Grandfather of Sir Alexander Stewart of Darnley who later became Lord Darnley.

This Branch of the Stewarts rose to the highest honours in Scotland, England and France.

Sir Alexander Stuart of Darnley had 2 wives and left several sons:-

With his first wife Marguerite Turnbull he had;

C.o.A. for the Stewarts of Halrig.
  • 1. William (possibly of Jedworth) See Note 1.

Ancestor of The Stewarts of Drumlay, Halrig, Raiss and Shawood.

C.o.A. for Stewart of Binnie.

Ancestor of the Stewarts of Binnie, Barscube and Milton

  • 4. James
  • 5. Janet

With his second wife Janet Keith he had;

Sir John Stewart of Darnley & Aubigney was the father of Sir Alan Stewart & Grandfather of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Lennox and Alexander Stewart, 1st Laird of Galstoun.

  • 2. William Stewart of Castlemylk

Possibly the ancestor of the Stewarts of Castlemylk and their Cadets of Arthurley, Fettercairn, Finnart and Torrence.

Stewarts of Castlemilk

The Stewarts of Castlemilk (also spelt Castlemylk) are descended from Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl.

The line from Sir John of Bonkyl to Matthew Stuart, 6th of Castlemilk cannot at present be proved. The line however is shown with the current known sources via Walter Stewart of Dalswinton.

The line from Alexander Stewart of Darnley is deliberately not shown for clarity even though there is a source in Burkes Peerage. However in the Heraldry of the Stewarts by George Harvey Johnston (Page 49) it becomes clear that this line cannot be proved.

Stuarts of Torrance

Sir James Stuart youngest son of Archibald (12th of Castlemilk) was the 1st of Torrance.

See :- Page 49.

C.o.A. for Stewart of Castlemylk.

See :- [|History of Castlemylk ]

See :- Stewart (Stuart) of Darnley

The Stewarts of Aubigney

See:- Scots in French Service

John Stewart (John Stuart) of Darnley along with his brother William were killed in battle on Feb 9, 1429, trying to relieve Orléans. John was made the 1st Stewart lord of Aubigny.

John Stuart of Darnley's eldest son Alan Stewart inherited the lands in Scotland, and his second son John inherited Aubigny and Concressault.

The successive lords of Aubigny dutifully swore liege homage to the king of France (in 1600 by Esme, son of the 1st duke of Lennox, in 1636 by George Stuart, in 1656 by Ludovic Stuart, in 1670 by Charles Stuart).

C.O.A. for Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley.

Meanwhile, the elder branch had ended with Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, husband of Mary Queen of Scots, and father of James VI (I of England); thus, when the 6th duke of Lennox and 11th seigneur d'Aubigny died in 1672, the heir to Aubigny was the king of England and Scotland, Charles II.

Louis XIV, however, was reticent to have a foreign sovereign own fiefs in France, and refused to acknowledge the inheritance, and an arrêt du conseil of 20 Jan 1673 pronounced the reversion of Aubigny to the crown of France.

See:- Seigneur d'Aubigney

The Stewarts of Lennox, Galstoun & Houston

The descendants of Alan Stewart, who became Earls of Lennox and the Lairds of Goulston, remained in close contact with the Aubigny branch, which included: John, his son Bérault, who gave homage for Aubigny in 1483, and Bérault's daughter Anne who married her cousin Robert Stuart, grandson of Alan.

Anne and Robert gave homage for Aubigny in 1508. Aubigny then went to another younger son of the elder branch, John Stewart , who gave homage in 1560.

C.o.A. for the Stewart Earls of Lennox.

Sir John Stewart was created Lord Darnley about 1461and about 1473 assumed the title Earl of Lennox, he died in 1495 leaving six sons.

The eldest son Mathew Stewart the 2nd Earl of Lennox was killed at Flodden. John the 3rd Earl was Murdered in 1526 leaving three sons. Mathew Stewart the 4th Earl married Margaret the daughter of Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus by his 2nd wife Lady Margaret Tudor daughter of King Henry VII of England.

Mathew's eldest son was Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley who married Mary Queen of Scots.

Esme Stuart 6th Lord of Aubigney was made earl of Lennox in 1580 and 1st Duke of Lennox in 1581.

C.o.A. for Esme 1st Duke of Lennox.

See:- Earl of Lennox

Stewarts of Baldorran

The first Stewart Laird of Baldorran was James "Seamas Mór" Stewart.

William Stewart of Baldorran (in Campsie, Stirlingshire) lived during the late-15th century. He was the grandson of James Seamas Mhor Stewart, who was the only son of Murdoch Stewart, Duke of Albany, to survive the persecution of King James I in 1425.

The Stewarts of Baldorran were the ancestors of the Stewarts of Balquhidder

Stewarts of Lednascriden

The first Laird of Lednascriden was Patrick Stewart

Stewarts of Tulloch

The first Laird of Tulloch was Robert Stewart he was the 2nd son of James Stewart 2nd of Lednascriden.

Stewarts of Balquhidder

In 1490 William Stewart of Baldorran was appointed Royal Bailie of the Crown Lands of Balquhidder. William brought the Stewart name to Balquhidder. The Stewarts of Ardvorlich, Glen Buckie, Gartnafuaran and Annat and all their cadet families are all descended from William.


There are four principal branches of the Stewarts of Balquhidder, namely, Ardvorlich, Descended from William, Glenbuckie descended from Williams second son John, Gartnafuaran, descended fron Williams brother Andrew and Annat.

Each of these four principal families had several cadet branches. Some of the larger cadet branches are listed below. The Stewarts of Garchell and Glenfinglas are special cases. The Garchell Stewarts were a very early principal branch that died out after only a few generations. Glenfinglas was a melting pot of Stewarts from all four of the principal families as well as a branch from the Stewarts of Appin.

The four main Branches are:

The Stewarts of Ardvorlich

Descended from William Stewart of Baldorran's 1st son Walter Stewart.

C.o.A. for Stewart of Ardvorlich.

The 1st Laird of Ardvorlich was Alexander Stewart


The Stewarts of Laggan

The first Laird of Laggan was James Stewart


The Stewarts of Hythie

The first Laird of Hythie was Donald Stewart the son of David stewart of Ardvorlich

Stewarts of Balimeanach

The first Laird of Balimeanach was William Stewart the 2nd son of Alexander Stewart 1st of Ardvorlich.


Stewarts of Auchraig & Inchallbeg

The First Stewart of Auchraig & Inchallbeg was Duncan Oag Stewart.

See:- Stewarts in Auchraig

Stewarts in Lettir (Letter)

The First Stewart in Lettir (Letter) was Duncan Stewart.

Stewarts in Monbreachy

The First Stewart in Monbreachy was James Stewart.

Stewarts of Dalveich & Ardveich

Clan Sliochd Iain Duibh Bheig - Gaellic for Children of Little Black John John Stewart of Dalveich was the son of Major James Beag Stewart the 2nd Laird of Ardvorlich.

John (of Dalveich) was the progenitor of the Stewarts of Comrie.

The Stewarts of Glenbuckie

Descended from William Stewart (3rd of Balderon), John Stewart, Williams 2nd son, is the Progenitor of the Stewarts of Glenbuckie .

The Stewarts of Benmore & Knockrioch

The Stewarts of Benmore and Knockrioch, Argyleshire, were formerly designed of Benmore, Perthshire. The present representative, John Lorne Stewart, Esq., born in 1800, is the eldest son of Duncan Stewart, Esq.

The Stewarts of Coll

The first Stewart Laird of Coll was John Lorne Stewart. John Stewart bought the lands of Coll in 1856. Before this date the Lairds of Coll were MacLeans.

Stewart of Broich

The first Laird of Broich was Robert Stewart.

Clan Stewart in Ardcheanochdan and Duart

The 1st Laird of Ardcheanochdan was Alexander Stewart

Clan Stewart in Muirlaggan and Lianach

The 1st Stewart in Muirlaggan and the progenitor of the Stewarts in Lianach was John Dubh Beag Stewart

Clan Stewart in Blaircrioch

The 1st Stewart in Blaircrioch was Duncan Stewart the son of James Stewart (3rd in Lianach)

Clan Stewart in Craigleven

The First Stewart in Craiglevan was Donald mac Alastair Stewart the son of Alexander 1st of Ardcheanochdan.

Clan Stewart in Edraleachdach & Lorachan

The first Stewart of Edraleachdach was James mac Alasdair mhic Donnachaidh Stewart the 2nd son of Alexander Stewart 1st of Ardcheanochdan.

Clan Stewart in Strone

The 1st Laird of Strone was Walter Stewart the second son of Duncan Stewart the 5th Laird of Glenbuckie.

Clan The "Gaelic Bible" Stewarts in Killin & Duart

This branch of the Stewarts of Glenbuckie is responsible for making one of the greatest contributions to Highland Gaelic culture ever: the translation of the Holy Bible into Scots Gaelic.

The first recorded Stewart in Killin was Unknown Stewart he is recorded as being the father of three sons.

Clan Stewart in Glentarkin

They descend from an unknown, and possibly even unrecorded, natural son of a Stewart of Glenbuckie. As Patrick Stewart, 2nd of Glenbuckie, is reputed to have had eleven illegitimate sons, it seems likely that this branch descends from one of those illegitimate sons. However, there is no way of knowing how this branch connects.

The first recorded Stewart in Glentarkin was Walter Stewart but it has not been possible to find any Sources other than a mention in Stewarts of the south

Clan Stewart in Dallanlaggan, Lianach, Auchleskine & Ardcheanochdan

Dallanlaggan means "dale of the little hollow". By the mid-18th century Dallanlaggan was also being called Ballimore, which means "big house". Dallanlaggan was the earlier name. Presumably sometime in the 18th century a "big house" was built at Dallanlaggan and thus the residence began to be called Ballimore.

The first recorded Stewart in Dallanlaggan was Sean Duncan Stewart

Clan Stewart in Blairchoill
The Clach-Glas Stewarts of Glenbuckie
Stewarts of Ledcreich

Patrick Stewart was the 1st laird of Ledcriech & Stroslany

The Stewarts of Gartnafuaran

Descended from William Stewart's brother Andrew Stewart.

Clan Stewart of Wester Ardchullarie & Ardcheanochdan
Clan Stewart of Lower Duart & Grodich
Clan Stewart of Coillemore
Clan Stewart of Port-an-Ealan
Clan Stewart of Torrie & Brackland
The Stewarts of Blairgary

The first Laird of Blairgary was Andrew Stewart Baillie of Strathgartney.

The Stewarts of Glenogle

The first Laird of Glenogle was Alexander Stewart

The Stewarts/Stuarts in Cuilt

The earliest confirmed ancestor of the Stewarts in Cuilt was Alexander Stewart.

The Stewarts of Stronvar

The first Laird of Stronvar was Robert Stewart

The Stewarts of Monachyle

The first Laird of Monachyle was Alexander Stewart

The Stewarts of Auchtow

The First Laird of Auchtow was Alexander Stewart

The Stewarts of Hyndfield

The first Laird of Hyndfield was John Stewart

The Stewarts of Annat

Descended from William Stewarts grandson James Stewart 4th Laird of Baldorran. The 1st Laird of Annat was Alexander Maclain "of Portnellan" Stewart

Home-Stewart of Argaty

The first Stewart in Argaty was Dr. George Home-Stewart, of Argaty, Surgeon, b. Abt 1717, Aberfoyle, Perthshire, Scotland. d. 1785, Argaty, Doune, Perthshire, Scotland (Age ~ 68 years).

See section 4. 7. 19

Stewarts of Craigton

The first Stewart Laird of Craigton was William Stewart the son of John Stewart 2nd Laird of Annat.

Stewarts of Carse of Cambus

The first Stewart of Carse of Cambus was Hugh Stewart

Stewarts in Noriston
Stewarts of Rait, Milton of Cambus and Powblack

The first Laird of Annat in Rait was General Robert Stuart

Moody-Stuart of Annat

See section 4.7.14 The Moody Stuarts.

Stewarts in Auchnahard in Glen Finglas

For the descendants of Alexander Stewart 1st Laird of Annat.

See Also :-

Stewart of Ballochallan

The first Laird of Ballochallan was Duncan Stewart the son of John Stewart the 2nd Laird of Annat.

Stewart of Drumvaich

The first Laird of Drumvaich was James Stewart

Stewart of Glassingall

The first Laird of Glassingall was Alexander Stewart

Stewart of Lanrick

The first laird of Lanrick was Archibald Stewart

Other branches include

Clan Stewart of Garchell

The Stewarts of Garchell (or Garroquhill) descend from an earlier branch of the Baldorran Stewarts. This branch became extinct.

The first Stewart laird of Garchell (1st of Garroquhill or Garthill) was Alexander Stewart

The Stewarts of Glen Finglas

The lands of Glen Finglas were acquired by the Stewarts ca. 1620 and were shared by all four of the main branches above.

The following families resided in Glen Finglas but are not connected to the above families:

** Stewarts of Invernahyle in Glen Finglas ** Stewart of Harriston

These profiles Currently present a Brick wall.

Orphaned Stuarts & Stewarts

The following family trees have been researched to a "brick wall" and it has not been possible to connect them to a major branch of the family.

The Stuarts/Stewarts in Aberdeenshire

The Stuarts in Turriff

The first stuart recorded in Turriff was Charles Stuart.

The Stuarts in Birkenburn

The first Stuart Laird of Birkenburn was the Rev. John Stuart of Drumblade.

Stuarts/Stewarts in Glenmuick

The first Stuart recorded in Glenmuick was Harry Stuart.

The Stuarts/Stewarts in Inverness-shire

The Stewarts in Kingussie and Insch

The first recorded Stewart in Kingussie and Insch was Allan Stewart.

The Stuarts/ Stewarts in Perthshire

The Stewarts in Kilmadock

The first recorded Stewart in Kilmadock was Robert Stewart

The Stewarts in Edinburgh

The first recorded Stewart in Edinburgh was Dowgall Stewart

The Stuarts in Moray

The Stuarts in Abernethy and Kincardine

The first recorded Stuart in Abernethy and Kincardine was John Stuart.

The Hyphenated Stewarts

When families marry they sometimes link their family names especially if one of them has an ancient history or has inherited wealth.

In the case of the family Stewart ( and its derivatives) it is usually connectd with an Hyphen (-) either before or after the Stewart family name. Occasionaly this is not so and the joning name is simply placed before or after the family name Stewart.

The following is not a complete list and is included under Clan Stewart as in most cases the Stewart side can be traced back to someone in the Clan Stewart.

The Stuart-Menteths

The first Stuart-Menteth was the Reverend Doctor James Stuart-Menteth.

The Stewart-Moore's

The first recorded Stewart -Moore was James Stewart-Moore

The Stewart-Murrays

The first Stewart-Maurray was John James Hugh Henry Stewart-Murray KT formerly Murray aka 7th Duke of Atholl

The Fitzjames-Stuarts

The First Fitzjames-Stuart was James Fitzjames-Stuart 2nd Duque de Liria y Xerica.

The Steuart Fothringhams

The first Steuart Fothringham was David Fothringham

The Haldane Stewarts

The First Haldane Stewart was James Haldane Stewart of Boston.

The Hathorn Stewarts

The first Hathorn Stewart was Robert Hathorn Steuart of Physgill.

The McTaggart-Stewarts

The first McTaggart Stewart was Sir Mark McTaggart-Stewart 1st Baronet of Southwick and Blairderry

The Johnston-Stewarts

The first Johnston-Stewart was Stair Hathorn Johnston-Stewart of Physgill, Glasserton, and Champfleurie

The Stuart-Lintons

The first Stuart-Linton was Charles Alfred George Stuart-Linton the son of the 8th Earl of Traquair.

The Shaw-Stewarts

The first Shaw Stewart was Sir John Shaw Stewart 4th Baronet Stewart of Greenock & Blackhall.

The Stewart-Nicolsons

The First Stewart-Nicolson was Michael Stewart-Nicolson

The Crichton-Stuarts

The first Crichton-Steuart was John Crichton-Stuart 2nd Marquis of Bute aka 7th Earl of Dumfries

The Moody-Stuarts

The first Moody-Stuart was the Rev. Alexander Moody-Stuart

The Stewart-Wortleys & the Stewart-Wortley-Mackenzies

The First of these names was James Archbald Stuart-Wortley later Stuart-Wortley-MacKenzie.

The Stewart-Clarks

The first Stewart-Clark was Sir John Stewart-Clark

The Steuart Denhams

The first and only Steuart Denham was General Sir James Steuart Denham 3rd Baronet Steuart of Goodtrees & 8th Baronet Steuart of Coltness. On his death, he was succeeded in the baronetcies by his second cousin Henry Steuart Barclay.

The Steuart-Barclays

The first Steuart-Barclay was Henry Steuart Barclay

Home-Stewart of Argaty

The first Stewart in Argaty was Dr. George Home-Stewart, of Argaty, Surgeon, b. Abt 1717, Aberfoyle, Perthshire, Scotland. d. 1785, Argaty, Doune, Perthshire, Scotland (Age ~ 68 years).

The Stuart-Steers

The first noted Stuart-Steer was Charles Alfred Stuart-Steer. He was the son of Abraham Steer and his wife Mary Stuart Morgan.

Box 5. Clan Stewart outside the United Kingdom

Clan Stewart in Europe

The Clan originated in Europe through the Senechal (Steward) of Dol.

Scotland & France had many connections (having a mutual enemy England) and from time to time Scottish nobles would take their armies to France in support of the French.

"See:-" Scots in French Service

Later following the Glorious Revolution of 1688 the Royal House of Stuart became extinct with the death in Italy in 1807 of Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart . His brother Charles Edward Stuart (the Young Pretender) was the son of Maria Clementina Sobieski the daughter of a Polish Prince.

Duke Francis of Bavaria is the current senior heir. However, Charles II had a number of illegitimate sons whose surviving descendants in the male line include Charles Gordon-Lennox, 10th Duke of Richmond, Murray Beauclerk, 14th Duke of St Albans, Henry FitzRoy, 12th Duke of Grafton and Richard Scott, 10th Duke of Buccleuch. In addition, James II's illegitimate son, James FitzJames, 1st Duke of Berwick, founded the House of FitzJames comprising two branches, one in France and one in Spain. The last of the French branch died in 1967 and the last of James II's male line with Maria del Rosario Cayetana FitzJames-Stuart, 18th Duchess of Alba of the Spanish branch, who died in November 2014.

Stewart in France

Duc de FitzJames

The1st Duc de FitzJames was Charles FitzJames. He was the brother of James Francis Fitzjames-Stuart, Duque de Liria y Xerica.

Duke of Albemarle

As a son of James II King of Great Britain. The first Duke of Albemarle Henry FitzJames was exiled in France.

Stewart in Spain

The first Stuarts in Spain are descended from James "1st Duke of Berwick-Upon-Tweed & 1st Duque de Liria y Xerica [Spain]" FitzJames

Stewart in Italy

The first Stewart resident in Italy was James Francis Edward Stuart aka The Old Pretender

Stewart in Poland

Stewart in the USA & Canada

Clan Stewart in the USA

The Stewarts in New York

Jefferson County

The first Stewart recorded in Jefferson County was Mary Stewart.

See :- Jefferson County, New York

Washington County

The first Stewart recorded in Jefferson County was Walter Stewart.

See :- Washington County, New York

Oneida County

The first Stewart recorded in Oneida County was John K. Stewart.

See :- Oneida County, New York

Onondaga County

See :- Onondaga County, New York

Broome County

See:-Broome County, New York

Schoharie County

See :- Schoharie County, New York

Orleans County

See :- Orleans County, New York

Queens County

See :- Queens County, New York

The Stewarts in Alabama

Clay County

The first Stewart in Clay County, Alabama was Allen M. Stewart

See :- Clay County, Alabama

Coosa County

See :- Coosa County, Alabama

Sumter County

See :- Sumter County, Alabama

Dallas County

See :- Dallas County, Alabama

The Stewarts in New Hampshire

Rockingham County

This Branch is descended from the Stewarts of Gartnafuaran.

The first Stewart in Londonderry, Rockingham County, New Hampshire was John (Charter John) Stewart

See :-

See Also :- Rockingham County, New Hampshire

The Stewarts in Massachusetts

Barnstable County

See :- Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Dukes County

See :- Dukes County, Massachusetts

Middlesex County

See :- Middlesex County, Massachusetts

The Stewarts in Missouri

St Louis

See :- St. Louis, Missouri

The Stuarts in Pennsylvania

Allegheny County

See :- Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Dauphin County

The first Stuart in Paxton, Dauphin, Pennsylvania was Andrew Stuart who was descended from the Lairds of Inchbreck, Scotland.

See Also : - Dauphin County, Pennsylvania


The First Stewart, John Stewart, arrived in Philladelphia, Pennsylvania on 25 Jul 1846 aged 15.

He was an immigrant from Ireland, a possible descendant of the Clan Stewart of Appin.

See:- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Chester County

See Chester County, Pennsylvania

See Also Chester County, Pennsylvania, Stewarts

Lawrence County

See Lawrence County, Pennsylvania

Montgomery County

See Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

The Stewarts in Ohio

Mahoning County

The first Stewart in Poland Township, Mahoning County, Ohio was Alexander Stewart (1825 - 1903)

Geauga County

The first Stewart in Newbury, Geauga County, Ohio was Fred O Stewart (1866-1942) a farmer who was descended from Scottish immigrants to New York.

See :- Geauga County, Ohio

Hamilton County

See :- Hamilton County, Ohio

Erie County

See :- Erie County, Ohio

Trumbull County

See :- Trumbull County, Ohio

The Stewarts in Maryland

Anne Arundel County

The first Stewart recorded in Maryland, British Colonial America was Dr George Hume Steuart/Stewart "3rd of Ballochallan"


and Also See Anne Arundel County, Maryland

The Stewarts in North Carolina

See also :- for western N.C.

Cape Fear

This branch is descended from the Stewarts of Glenbuckie.

Patrick Stewart The 5th Laird and his wife Elizabeth Menzies came to America from Ledcreich in Balquhidder, Perthshire, Scotland with six gentlemen and about 300 Highlanders from Scotland to Cape Fear in North Carolina, in 1739.

See also :- Cape Fear, North Carolina

Chatham County

The first Stewart family to settle in Chatham County, North Carolina was Samuel Stewart and his wife Jane who had emigrated from Londonderry, Ireland about 1750. Samuel although born in Northern Ireland was of Scottish parents.

See Also Chatham County, North Carolina

Yadkin County

See Yadkin County, North Carolina

Orange County

Descended from the Stewart Lairds of Gartnafuaran the first Stuart to settle in Orange County was John Stuart. He was the progenitor of the Stuarts in Snow Camp, Alamance County, North Carolina, USA.

See Also Orange County, North Carolina

Alamance County

The first Stuart to settle in Alamance County was Alexander Stuart

See Alamance County, North Carolina

Bladen County

See Bladen County, North Carolina

Wake County

See Wake County, North Carolina

Person County

See Person County, North Carolina

Rowan County

See Rowan County, North Carolina

Forsyth County

See Forsyth County, North Carolina

Union County

See Union County, North Carolina

Mecklenburg County

See Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

The Stewarts in Virginia

Bath County

See: Category: Bath County, Virginia

Mason County

See: Category: Mason County, Virginia

Monongalia County

See: Category: Monongalia County, Virginia

See also :-

Augusta County

See: Category: Augusta County, Virginia

The Stewarts in Georgia

Newton County

See :- Newton County, Georgia

Wilkinson County

See :- Wilkinson County, Georgia

The Stewarts in Mississippi

Wilkinson County

See: - Wilkinson County, Mississippi

Kemper County

See: - Kemper County, Mississippi

The Stuarts in Texas

Robertson County

The first Stuart in Robertson County was William Stevenson Stuart

See:- Robertson County, Texas

Jefferson County

See:- Jefferson County, Texas

Walker County

See:- Walker County, Texas

Young County

See:- Young County, Texas

Brazos County

See:- Brazos County, Texas

The Stewarts in California

San Benito County

See: - San Benito County, California

Los Angeles County

See: - Los Angeles County, California

The Stuarts in Florida

Escambia County

The Stuarts in Pensacola: Captain John "Bushyhead" Stuart

See:- Escambia County, Florida

The Stewarts in Kentucky

The Stewarts in Hardin County

See;- Hardin County, Kentucky

The Stewarts in South Carolina

Abbeville County

See;- Abbeville County, South Carolina

Spartanburg County

See;- Spartanburg County, South Carolina

Newberry County

See;- Newberry County, South Carolina

Kershaw County

See;- Kershaw County, South Carolina

The Stewarts in Illinois

McHenry County

See :- McHenry County, Illinois

The Stewarts in Minnesota

Faribault County

See :- Faribault County, Minnesota

The Stewarts in Tennessee

Knox County

See :- Knox County, Tennessee

Carroll County

See :- Carroll County, Tennessee

The Stewarts in Kansas

Cowley County

See :- Cowley County, Kansas

Miami County

See :- Miami County, Kansas

The Stewarts in Oklahoma

Muskogee County

See :- Muskogee County, Oklahoma

Bryan County

See :- Bryan County, Oklahoma

Cherokee County

See :- Cherokee County, Oklahoma

Rogers County

See :- Rogers County, Oklahoma

The Stewarts in New Mexico

Bernalillo County

See :- Bernalillo County, New Mexico

The Stewarts in Louisiana

West Feliciana Parish

See :- West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana

Lincoln Parish

See :- Lincoln Parish, Louisiana

The Stewarts in Michigan

Jackson County

See :- Jackson County, Michigan

Ingham County

See :- Ingham County, Michigan

The Stewarts in Indiana

Delaware County

See :- Delaware County, Indiana

Rush County

See :- Rush County, Indiana

Hancock County

See :- Hancock County, Indiana

Wayne County

See :- Wayne County, Indiana

Henry County

See :- Henry County, Indiana

The Stewarts in Arizona

Maricopa County

See :- Maricopa County, Arizona

The Stewarts in Delaware

Sussex County

See :- Sussex County, Delaware

The Stewarts in Connecticut

Litchfield County

See :- Litchfield County, Connecticut

Clan Stewart in Canada

Province of Ontario

Peterborough County

The Stewarts of Douro, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

This branch of the family are descendants of William Stewart of Mains.

The first Stewarts in Douro Township, Upper Canada were Thomas Alexander Stewart & his family in 1822.

Wellington County

The "Comrie" Stewarts in Puslinch Township, Wellington, Ontario, Canada

This branch of the family are descendants of the Stewarts of Dalveich and Ardveich through John Stewart the son of Major James Beag Stewart the 2nd Laird of Ardvorlich.


See Also :- Wellington County, Ontario

Huron County

Province of Quebec

Châteauguay, Province of Quebec

The Stewarts in Howick, Quebec, Canada

William Andrew Stewart

See ;- Châteauguay, Province of Quebec

The Stuart Family in Pennsylvania, USA and Kingston, Canada

The family of Stuart in Pennsylvania are descended from the Stuart Lairds of Inchbreck, via Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

The first recorded in British North America was Andrew Stuart.

Province of Nova Scotia

Pictou County

The Stewarts in Pictou County

See :- Pictou County, Province of Nova Scotia

Antigonish County

The Stewarts in Antigonish County.

See :- Antigonish County, Province of Nova Scotia

Clan Stewart in Australia

New South Wales

The Stewarts in Bibbenluke

The first Stewart to settle in Bibbenluke was Andrew Stewart

The Stewarts in Bombala

The first Stewart to settle in Bombala was Andrew Montague Stewart

See also Bombala, New South Wales

The Stewarts in Bathurst

The first Stewart to settle in Bathurst was Maj.Gen. William Stewart "of Dounreay and Strath" a Descendent of the Stewarts of Appin



Western Australia

Northern Territories

Clan Stewart in British Colonial Africa

Stewart in Rhodesia

Stewart in South Africa

William Stewart

Clan Stewart in New Zealand

North Island

See :- New Zealand Regions

Northland Region

For Clan Stewart in the Northland Region see :- Northland Region

Auckland Region

For Clan Stewart in the Auckland Region see :- Auckland Region

Waikato Region

For Clan Stewart in the Waikato Region see :- Waikato Region

Bay of Plenty Region

George Vesey Stewart was the founder of a colony on the Bay of Plenty, North Island, New Zealand

For Clan Stewart in the Bay of Plenty Region see :- Bay of Plenty Region

Gisborne Region

For Clan Stewart in the Gisborne Region see :- Gisborne Region

Hawke's Bay Region

For Clan Stewart in the Hawke's Bay Region see :- Hawke's Bay Region

Taranaki Region

For Clan Stewart in the Taranaki Region see :- Taranaki Region

Manawatu-Wanganui Region

For Clan Stewart in the Manawatu-Wanganui Region see :- Manawatu-Wanganui Region

Wellington Region

For Clan Stewart in the Wellington Region see :- Wellington Region

South Island

See :- New Zealand Regions

Tasman Region

For Clan Stewart in Tasman Region see :- Tasman Region

Nelson Region

For Clan Stewart in Nelson Region see :- Nelson Region

Marlborough Region

For Clan Stewart in Marlborough Region see :- Marlborough Region

West Coast Region

For Clan Stewart in West Coast Region see :- West Coast Region

Canterbury Region

For Clan Stewart in Canterbury Region see :- Canterbury Region

Otago Region

For Clan Stewart in Otago Region see :- Otago Region

Southland Region

For Clan Stewart in Southland Region see :- Southland Region

Clan Stewart in India

Capt. William Stewart (8th Laird of Balimeanach & 10th of Ardvorlich) was one of the first Stewarts in India. He was a soldier in the Honourable East India Company.

Clan Stewart in the West Indies

Clan Stewart in Jamaica

  • Clan Stewart in Trelawney.

The first recorded Stewart in Trelawney was Hon. James Stewart of Trelawney.

See: - (2nd Article Stewarts of Trelawney)

Box 6. References, Sources, Locations & Notes


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3. [|Clan Chief and Chieftan]

4. [| Earl of Atholl]

5. [| EarlofAngus]

6. [| Earl of Lennox]

7. [|Laird]

8. [|baronets]


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See Also:

Clan Stuart of Bute

Clan Stewart of Appin

Earls in the Peerage of Scotland

Dukes in the Peerage of Scotland

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Clan Stewart Castles

* Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle were the most notable castles owned by the Stewarts as the Royal family.

* Castle Stuart was the home of the line of Stuarts who held the title Earl of Moray

* Dundonald Castle built in the 13th century by Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward of Scotland

* Garth Castle , stronghold of the Clan Stewart.

* Ardvorlich Castle , stronghold of the Clan Stewart.

* Grandtully Castle, stronghold of the Clan Stewart.

* Garlies Castle, stronghold of the Clan Stewart.

* Earl’s Palace, Kirkwall built by Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Orkney.

* Bishop’s Palace, Kirkwall originally a Norwegian fort, ownership later passed to Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Orkney.

* Scalloway Castle built by Patrick Stewart, 2nd Earl of Orkney.

* Earl’s Palace , Birsay built by Patrick Stewart, 2nd Earl of Orkney.

* Lochranza Castle was granted to Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland in 1262 by Alexander III of Scotland.

* Crookston Castle has been owned by several branches of the Clan Stewart.

* Falkland Palace was acquired by the Clan Stewart in the 14th century and was owned by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany

* Doune Castle built in the 14th century by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany.

* Rothesay Castle was built by the Stewarts at the beginning of the 13th century.

* CastleMilk Home to the Stuarts of Castlemilk

* RedCastle Home to the Stewart Lords of Innermeath in the late 15th C.

* Rosyth Castle Built by Sir David Stewart of Rosyth

* Strathaven Castle. Re-Built by Andrew Stewart, 1st Stewart Lord of Avandale in 1458 on the site of a previous castle.


  • 1. There are conflicting references to the children of Alexander Stewart of Darnley and his wives Marguerite Turnbull and Janet Keith.

Source's 3, 4, & 7 agree that William Stewart & John Stewart are the sons of Sir Alexander Stewart of Darnley & Janet Keith of Galston.

Whereas Source 10. Sites Sir Alexander & Margaret Turnbull as the Parents! with William being sited as of Jedworth.

For the benefit of clarity this Category has followed Sources 3, 4, & 7 especially

  • 2. The list of Cadet branches for Clan Stewart although extensive, is not complete. If you would like any addition to be made, contact the Clan Manager at the top of the page


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