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Although the name code talkers is strongly associated with bilingual Navajo speakers specially recruited during World War II by the US Marine Corps to serve in their standard communications units of the Pacific theater, Code talking, however, was pioneered by the Cherokee and Choctaw peoples during World War I.

Other Native American code talkers were deployed by the United States Army during World War II, including Lakota, Meskwaki, Mohawk, Comanche, and Tlingit soldiers; they served in the Pacific, North African, and European theaters

Languages 1.1 Assiniboine 1.2 Basque 1.3 Cherokee 1.4 Choctaw 1.5 Comanche 1.6 Cree 1.7 Meskwaki 1.8 Muscogee (Seminole and Creek) 1.9 Navajo 1.10 Nubian 1.11 Tlingit 1.12 Welsh 1.13 Wenzhounese

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