Category: Colony of Virginia, Emigrants

Categories: Colonial America, Immigrants | Virginia Colony | Virginia Colonists | Virginia Immigration

This is a mid-level category. Profiles should be added to the narrowest category possible, but may be placed here when further information is not known. See How to Categorize.

Project: US Southern Colonies | Categories Team | US Southern Colonies Migration Categorization Hierarchy

This category is part of the US Southern Colonies Migration Categorization Hierarchy. It is the Colony-level parent category for the Emigrant path in that hierarchy; Category: Colony of Virginia, Immigrants is its counterpart for the Immigrant path. See details of the Colony-to-Colony migration categories here.

Categorize the Virginia colonist to one of the four subcategories, such as Category: Migrants from Colony of Virginia to Province of Georgia, unless it is not known where the Virginia colonist removed to. Note that including an Emigration category does not replace the Colonists category, which should remain on the profile (either as added manually or by the project sticker using the colony switch).

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04 Jun 1736 Stratford, Westmoreland County, Virginia - 25 Mar 1817

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