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(for WikiTree categorization purposes, Colony=prior to 4 July 1776)
This is a mid-level container category for Migration categories involving the Colony of Virginia. The only people profiles in this category should be those known to have immigrated to Virginia prior to 4 July 1776 but the country of origin is not known. If the country is known, but not a more specific location, categorize the person under that subcategory. If a more specific location is known, categorize to the appropriate "Migrants from... to Colony of Virginia" subcategory (under the country subcategory, below). Jamestown Colonists (1607-1625) should also be categorized by ship.
If you need categorization help, please contact the US Southern Colonies Project's Categories Team or the Categorization Project. See also this US Southern Colonies page and the Categorization Project's glossary. For Colony of Virginia help, contact the US Southern Colonies Project's Colony of Virginia Team.

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1746 Gué, Mayo-Kebbi, Chad - 1762

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