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" Immigration to Connecticut in the second half of the 19th century proceeded much as it had in earlier decades. Driven from their homelands by changing social and economic conditions, waves of primarily European immigrants arrived in Connecticut and increasingly found homes in industrial cities. What distinguished immigration later in the century, however, was the vastly increased numbers of new arrivals to the state, the variety of population centers from which they departed, and the growing hostility they faced upon arrival.

In the 1850s, Connecticut’s roughly 38,000 immigrants made up approximately 10 percent of the state’s population. Most of these immigrants came from northern and western Europe, with the largest number arriving from Ireland. By 1870, more than half the immigrants living in Connecticut were Irish. A dramatic shift late in the century, however, soon reshaped Connecticut’s ethnic identity."

" From 1845 to 1860, more than 1.5 million Irish immigrants sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States and Canada. In the cramped quarters below the decks of the “coffin ships,” the journey was fraught with the hardship of inclement weather and the peril of disease, but in spite of their uncertain future, the travelers faced these adversities in hopes of finding a better way of life in North America."

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1837 Ireland - bef 1937
17 Jan 1850 County Clare, Ireland - 19 Sep 1925


19 Aug 1884 Derrinraw, County Armagh, Ireland - 1917
29 Sep 1906 Plumbridge, County Tyrone, Ireland - 04 Mar 2004 photo
abt 1829 Ireland - 25 May 1915
abt 1851 Ballybriest, Lissan, Magherafelt, County Londonderry, Ireland - 21 Dec 1923


1862 County Roscommon, Ireland - 12 Nov 1915


abt Dec 1836 Lissanure, Co. Tipperary, Ireland - 08 Jul 1922


abt 1903 Drumnakilly, County Tyrone, Ireland - 29 Dec 1988
abt 1846 County Westmeath, Ireland - 07 Jan 1926


abt Jan 1818 Ireland - 21 Jan 1901

O cont.

Mar 1839 County Cork, Ireland - 24 Jan 1917


May 1857 Ireland - 04 Mar 1925
abt 1830 Ireland - aft 1880


1840 Ireland - bef 1940


02 Nov 1887 Ballynarry, County Armagh, Ireland - 27 Apr 1970

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