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Conservator (female Conservatrix) may refer to:

  • Conservator of a Conservatorship, a person appointed by a court or regulatory authority to supervise a person or entity's financial affairs
  • Conservator (religion), a judge appointed by the Pope to protect the personae miserabiles
  • Conservator-restorer, a professional who protects and cares for museum collections and other objects of cultural heritage
  • Conservators who manage areas of countryside in England Source: Wikipedia: Conservator

Person Profiles (5)

09 Jun 1890 Surrey, England, United Kingdom - 26 Feb 1961
02 Oct 1801 Paris, Île-de-France, France - 17 Feb 1891 photo
27 Dec 1761 Paris, Île-de-France, France - 11 Jun 1839 photo
12 Jun 1815 Oissel, Seine-Inférieure, France - 27 Feb 1891
13 Aug 1831 Köpinge, Skåne, Sverige - 24 Aug 1898

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