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The Corps of Canadian Voyageurs

The Corps of Canadian Voyageurs was raised in September 1812, by the British Army, as a military water transportation corps. Its mission was to maintain the supply lines, between Montreal and the western posts. The corps was disbanded in March 1813, and its mission was taken over by the Canadian branch of the British Commissariat Department, a department of HM Treasury, as the Provincial Commissariat Voyageurs. This corps was disbanded in March, 1815.


The Corps of Voyageurs was organized on the initiative of the North West Company, and its bourgeois and engagés became the officers and men of the corps. The Provincial Commissariat Voyageurs had one lieutenant-colonel, one major, one captain, ten lieutenants, ten conductors (sergeants acting as guides), and about 400 private men.

Officers of the Corps of Canadian Voyageurs

William McGillivray, Lieutenant-colonel, commanding officer.
Angus Shaw, Major
Archibald Norman McLeod, Major
William McKay, Captain
Pierre de Rastel de Rocheblave, Captain


The Canadian Grenadier Guards perpetuates the honours of both corps.


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