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This is the companion category for the Cowan Name Study and includes other spelling variations. To add this category to a profile, you can add the One Name Study template (which will add the category automatically).

This profile is part of the Cowan Name Study.

{{One Name Study|name=Cowan}}

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Individuals with the surname of Cowan at birth are filed under a category named [[Category: <region or country of birth>, Cowan Name Study]]. If the country of birth is unknown or a category has not yet been set up, file here under this category. If the individual migrated to another country or served in the armed forces, please also file them under the category for migrants or military.

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14 Jul 1909 Birr, County Offaly, Ireland - 18 Jul 2008
abt 1933 - 08 Mar 2010 photo

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