Category: Cox-5399 jcoxffGED

Categories: Cox-5399

Purpose of this category is to track the research of profiles created by Jerry Cox through the import of jcoxff.ged on Oct 15, 2013. This GEDCOM contains many research notes gathered by Jerry over the many years he researched his family history. Since his passing this research is being maintained by Pat Credit.

All profiles included in the import of jcoxff.ged will be evaluated according to the specifications on the companion page, Cox-5399 jcoxffGED.

Cox Family History Preserved contains a listing of Jerry's Notes which apply to many people. The profiles listed below have not yet been checked against Jerry's Notes. Once checked these profiles will be given a status category (S1 -S5) with its own category:

  1. [[Category:Cox-5399 jcoxffGED S1 No notes]]
  2. [[Category:Cox-5399 jcoxffGED S2 In notes]]
  3. [[Category:Cox-5399 jcoxffGED S3 Has notes]]
  4. [[Category: Cox-5399 jcoxffGED S4 In - Has notes]]
  5. [[Category:Cox-5399 jcoxffGED S5 Notes done]]

As the profiles of the import of jcoxff.ged are found and entered they will be added to this category. Once checked against the listing of Jerry's Notes, this category will be replaced with one of the status categories above. After all the profiles have been categorized the following notation in the profile's Research Notes will begin the removal process (S1 first and then S5):

This profile has not yet been checked with Jerry's Notes and is included in [[:Category: Cox-5399 jcoxffGED]] until it has been checked.

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