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The Czechoslovak War Cross 1918 (Československý válečný kříž 1918 in Czech) is a military decoration of the former state of Czechoslovakia which was issued for acts of military valour during the years of the First World War.

The medal was first created on November 7, 1918 and issued to Czechoslovak citizens and also, upon application, to citizens of Germany and Austria who had served in the Czechoslovak armed forces ( e.g. Czechoslovak Legions) during the years of the Great War with distinction and bravery, and also during border conflicts with Poland and Hungary.

The Czechoslovak War Cross was also, on occasion, issued to veterans of the Allied powers who had played a large role in World War I and were considered contributors to the formation of the Czechoslovak state. John J. Pershing was one such recipient of the Czechoslovak War Cross.

It was also awarded to the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, on October 8, 1925.

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