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The Czechoslovak War Cross 1939–1945 (Československý válečný kříž 1939–1945 in Czech) is a military decoration of the former state of Czechoslovakia which was issued for those who had provided great service to the Czechoslovak state during the years of World War II.

On December 20, 1940, the Czech government in exile in London ordered the creation of a second version of the Czechoslovak War Cross. It was created and issued not as a general service medal, but as a meritorious decoration for those had provided great service the Czechoslovak state during the years of World War II. The award was mainly intended for persons who had helped liberate Czechoslovakia from the rule of Nazi Germany. Several American officers received the award, such as Dwight D. Eisenhower or George S. Patton, and the decoration was also bestowed to national heroes, such as the men who had assassinated Reinhard Heydrich in operation Anthropoid.

The second Czechoslovak War Cross was known as the Czechoslovak War Cross 1939–1945 and a common phrase for the decoration was also the Czechoslovak Croix de Guerre. In cases where an individual had received both the World War I and World War II versions, both medals could be worn simultaneously.

The validity of the War Cross was confirmed after the end of World War II, in January 1946.

There were no further versions of the Czechoslovak War Cross after 1945 and the medal became obsolete with the division of the Czechoslovak state in 1992.

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