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We all have 16 great great grandparents. Our significant others have 16 great great grandparents. This month's theme (about the 15th to the 15th) will be profiles for our own great great grandparents. How many of the possible 32 can you do? I'm missing eight in my husband's line. Exemption: If you're missing the great great grandparent, you can do the great grandparents profile instead.

Biography Builders Goal: To make profiles as complete as possible with well-written biographies and sources. You should research as much as you can find on a person, writing the information onto the profiles to create as complete a life story as you can for that person. Sourcing should be full citations. This includes adding categories and links to events and people connected to that profile and citing all those additions. See the first month for examples of how to participate.

Here's our checklist:

Data Section.

  • birth date/place
  • names of parents
  • marriage date/place and spouse name
  • death date/place

Biography Section:

  • Written sentences stating the facts above, adding inline sources to each fact.
  • Is the profile Genealogically Defined?
  • As a general rule biographies should be in your own words. Paraphrase and rewrite, don't copy/paste.
  • Baptism, burial, military, and other life events with inline sources.
  • Something to "humanize" the person, such as career or avocation with sources.
  • List of children with at least one pertinent fact.
  • One of the suggestions was siblings. I think this takes up real estate.
  • Explanatory remarks, if needed (i.e. Disputed persons sections, Research Notes, whatever needs extra explaining).
  • Photos or pictures, background. Not a must, but nice (you own the copyright or they are in the public domain).
  • Categories/Projects.
  • Connection to the Global Tree.
  • All duplicates merged or initiated.
  • Links to persons and events, perhaps from Wikipedia.
  • Historical context as related to the person's life.
  • Sources, Sources, Sources.
  • You can see some ideas on where to find some of this information on the Biography Builders space page, linked below.

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  • Jason C. Akins 22 Dec 1841 Pickens, South Carolina, United States - 30 Jan 1927






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  • Levi Lucas 12 Feb 1834 Union Co, Pennsylvania - 13 Sep 1915


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