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The country Denmark geographically consists of the peninsula Jutland and 443 named islands and islets, with the largest islands being Zealand, Nørrejyske Ø and Fyn.

Modern-day Denmark consists (from (2007-01-01) of 98 municipalities (kommuner) located in five administrative regions; North Jutland Region (Region Nordjylland), Central Denmark Region (Region Midtjylland), Region of Southern Denmark (Region Syddanmark), Capital Region of Denmark (Region Hovedstaden) and Region Zealand (Region Sjælland ).

The historical administrative units - before the regions - were the counties, or amt in Danish, 1793--2006-12-30. Before that, the counties were called len in Danish. In the reorganization of the counties in 1793 were the 49 len/counties that had existed in 1660, which gradually were transformed into 24 amt/counties.

A county/amt was made up of several hundreds or herreder in Danish. A herred/härad/hundare/hundred denotes a smaller legal jurisdiction in a Scandinavian country.

A hundred/herred consisted of multiple parishes or sogn in Danish.

Before the counties/amt there was "län" and "syssel". For more info;

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