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Categories: Died of Disease, World War I | Died of Disease, Canada | Canada, World War I

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Person Profiles

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Privacy Level: Open (White) 27 Oct 1890 - 19 Feb 1917
Privacy Level: Open (White) 07 Jul 1894 Collingwood Township, Grey, Ontario, Canada - 26 Feb 1917
Privacy Level: Open (White) 14 Oct 1894 Uxbridge, North Riding, York, Ontario, Canada - 11 Nov 1916
Privacy Level: Open (White) 22 Oct 1888 Central Norton, Norton, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada - 02 Jun 1918
Privacy Level: Open (White) 27 Dec 1865 Little Glasgow, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada - 07 Oct 1915
Privacy Level: Open (White) 03 Oct 1894 Decew House, Decew Falls, Ontario, Canada - 16 May 1919
Privacy Level: Open (White) abt 11 Jul 1889 St. Fortunat, Quebec - 05 Nov 1918

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