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Dymond Family Collaboration To Do Lists

Unassigned DO list

  • 1871+1881 Census, birth, death for Eliza Ann (Cowler-9) Dymond
  • Avery-549 check out this awesome timeline - would be great to have such a timeline for the Dymond's showing what was going on in the towns where they were living/working
  • Can we identify if George Dymond-200 is the George who married Mary Elizabeth (Pearce-3945) Dymond in 1874
  • Can we identify when Mary Elizabeth (Pearce-3945) Dymond died? Did she die before 1876? She has a virtually empty profile - only info is marriage
  • Do we have a profile for a John Dymond possible father of George Dymond born c.1860? yes John Dymond-226 (uploaded by Geoff) who is the uncle of George Dymond-200/229 - is he the father of George Dymond born c.1860?

Dee Baker 'Dymond Family' To Do list

  1. Merged William Dymond-228 into William Dymond-201
  • DOing now - Currently working on

  1. Mary Pitts Pitts-2890 add 1851 census household to Mary her husband and children.
  2. searching for birth records Mary Pitts and Robert Dymond Dymond-225
  3. add marriage source for the above.
  • Yet to DO
  1. look for Robert and Mary Dymond of Chulmleigh parents for George Dymond Dymond-196

R Hull 'Dymond Family' To Do list=

Progress Report:-

  1. adding Dee & Geoff to Trusted list of my Dymonds
  2. adding Dee to PM of my Dymonds
  3. Mary Elizabeth (Pearce-3945) Dymond (born 1855) is NOT the mother of George Pearse Dymond (born 1846)
  4. add 1901 Census to Eliza Cowler-9 and George Albert Dymond-220
  5. created a Proof of Connections section for Eliza Cowler-9
  6. working on Mary (Dooley-1028) Dymond's empty profile - added marriage and 1881 census
  7. Removed Mary Elizabeth (Pearce-3945) Dymond off incorrect 1881 Census for George Dymond-200, and replacing her with Mary (Dooley-1028) Dymond.
  8. Removed incorrectly listed Mary Elizabeth (Pearce-3945) Dymond off 1881 Census for George Dymond-196 family members, and replacing her with Mary (Dooley-1028) Dymond.
  9. test - added a dozen Dymond profiles to the Dymond Name study
  10. Added all profiles likely to be merged to DO list and Do Category
  11. add detail "birth mother Cowler (GRO)" to George Albert Dymond-220 biography
  12. listen to WikiTree LiveCast - One Name Studies and all things Doug Lockwood

  • DOing now - Currently working on
  1. Reminding myself where I was... before I got interrupted
  2. prepare to Merge George Dymond-229 into George Dymond-200

  • DO list - Planning on DOing these...
  1. prepare to Merge Eliza Dymond-230 into Eliza Dymond-203
  2. prepare to Merge James Dymond-227 into James Dymond-195
  3. prepare to Merge Emily Dymond-233 into Emaley Dymond-197
  4. research for a birth or any other life events of George Dymond born c.1860
  5. Adding all Dymond profiles to the Dymond Name study
    1. investigating one name studies and what's involved.
    2. adding all the Devon Dymonds into the the Dymond Name study
  6. Add GRO sources
    1. list(GRO) further two children of Eliza Ann Cowler-9 - George Henry Dymond 1884(GRO) , Lily Elizabeth Dymond 1895(GRO)
      1. create profile for George Henry Dymond 1884(GRO)
      2. create profile for Lily Elizabeth Dymond 1895(GRO)
    2. Ida Mary Dymond-208 add (GRO) source
    3. Ida Dymond-199 add GRO) source
  7. Contact Doug to get the Dymond name study listed on the One Name Studies page

  • Attention DO for others

Geoff Rice 'Dymond Family' To Do list

  • DOing Now - Currently working on
  • DO later - Yet to do

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abt 1864 Barnstaple, Devon, England - 11 Aug 1925
abt 1855 Brancote, Staffordshire, England
abt 1866 South Molton, Devon, England - Sep 1921
bef 15 Mar 1829 Chulmleigh, Devon, England, United Kingdom - abt 25 Jan 1915
1855 Chulmleigh, Devon, England - abt Dec 1929
abt Aug 1888 Barnstaple, Devon, England
abt 1861 Chulmleigh, Devon, England, United Kingdom
bef 03 Aug 1873 Bodmin, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
abt May 1877 Brancote, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom
abt 1857 Devon, England - 08 May 1899
23 Nov 1828 Chulmleigh, Devon, England, United Kingdom - 04 Feb 1895

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