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A branch of Clan Douglas and Clan Hamilton, whom I decided to call Douglas of Hamilton, or Hamilton of Douglas depending on your preference, are descended from the 3rd Duke of Hamilton, William Douglas, who adopted the surname of Hamilton so that he could inherit the Dukedom through his wife, Anne Hamilton. Some of his descendants would later have their surname hyphenated as Douglas-Hamilton, but many carry the surname, Hamilton, though they are Douglases by blood (by this I mean that if a male of the line were to take a Y-DNA test, the result would show him to be a Douglas). A few of them changed their surname back to Douglas. This branch of Clan Douglas and Clan Hamilton is mostly known as the Douglas-Hamiltons, and some sources associate the surname Douglas-Hamilton to every descendant of the 3rd Duke of Hamiton, even if that is not the name they used in life.

The Duke of Hamilton is currently in line to become the next chief of Clan Douglas, but Lord Lyon, King of Arms, requires him to assume the single surname of Douglas. The Duke of Hamilton is the current chief of Clan Hamilton.

The titles that are held or have an heir by the Douglas-Hamiltons are the Duke of Hamilton [S., 1643], Duke of Brandon [G.B., 1711], Marquess of Clydesdale [S., 1643], Marquess of Douglas [S., 1633], Earl of Arran and Cambridge [S., 1643], Earl of Lanark [S., 1639], Earl of Angus [S., 1633], Earl of Selkirk [S., 1646], Lord Abernethy and Jedburgh Forest [S., 1633], Lord Aven and Innerdale [S., 1643], Lord Machansyre and Polmont [S., 1639], Lord Daer and Shortcleuch [S., 1646], Baron of Dutton [G.B., 1711], Baron Selkirk of Douglas of Cramond in the City of Edinburgh [U.K. Life Peer], and more.

This category keeps track of the descendants of William (Douglas) Hamilton, who does or did bear one of the following surnames: Douglas, Hamilton, Douglas-Hamilton, and variations thereof. An exception to this Gerard Anne Edwardes. Gerard Edwardes was the illegitimate son of Lord Anne Hamilton, who was a guy despite the name.

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