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Dr. Charles Henry Wright Stocking
The author of the Knowlton Genealogy from 1897, Dr. Stocking's book is rife with errors: so much so that a 250+ page Errata and Addenda was published six short years later by George Henry Knowlton.

Stocking's original work gets more reliable the closer one gets to 1800, but any profile for which Stocking is the sole source should be checked against the Errata. The Errata is not infallible but it is much more concerned with accuracy than with fantasy.

By far the most significant fiction in Stocking is the invention of Captain William Knowlton, the supposed link between the American Knowltons who settled in Ipswich, MA and the more-or-less "noble" Knowltons of Kent, England. See William's profile for details. Captain William Knowlton begot nothing save untold hours of genealogical work dedicated to his erasure.

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1716 Massachusetts Bay
1739 - 1841
abt 1641 Massachusetts Bay Colony - 18 Sep 1726
aft 1611 England - 03 Apr 1655
1712 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts Bay Colony
1720 Medway, Suffolk, Massachusetts Bay
abt 1584 Knowlton Manor, Kent, England - 06 Jun 1632
abt 1586 Kent, England - abt 08 Oct 1675

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