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"The dresser tender is one of the important workers in a woolen and worsted mill. His task is to prepare the warp for the weave room. He sets up the spools of yarn in the creel, counts out the threads of the pattern in the warp, and attends to winding these threads on the loom beam. He must "take a lease," that is, separate by a string or rod the alternate threads of the warp. The important part of the operation is to pick out threads of the patterns properly, and have all the threads at an even tension in winding. When the warp is sized, that is, coated with starch to strengthen the yarn, he must put the size into the size box and run the warp through it. He must oil and clean his machine. When picking the pattern and tying in he may sit, but at all other times is on his feet. Frequently he has a helper" from United States Bureau of Mines, United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Employment Service. Descriptions of Occupations: Textiles and Clothing. 1918.

Dresser is not listed separately in the above volume, but may be synonymous.

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1845 Cowling, Yorkshire, England - 12 May 1880
06 Nov 1884 Billerica, Massachusetts, United States - Feb 1973

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