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This category is for the period before 1864.

The Duchy of Schleswig (Danish: Hertugdømmet Slesvig; German: Herzogtum Schleswig; Low German: Sleswig; North Frisian: Slaswik) was a Duchy in Southern Jutland (Sønderjylland) covering the area about 60 km north and 70 km south of the current border between Germany and Denmark.

The Duchy of Schleswig had been a fiefdom of the Danish crown since the Middle Ages. but in 1864 it, along with the Danish-ruled provinces of Holstein and Lauenburg, was conquered by Prussia and Austria in the 1864 Second War of Schleswig. Between 1864 and 1866, Prussia and Austria ruled the entire region as a condominium, until it was terminated due to the Austro-Prussian War in 1866. In the Peace of Prague, the victorious Prussians annexed both Schleswig and Holstein, creating the province of Schleswig-Holstein.

Since 1920, the territory has been divided between Denmark and Germany, with Northern Schleswig in Denmark and Southern Schleswig in Germany. After 1920, profiles should be placed in the correct Danish sogn/parish category.

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Slesvig, Denmark - bef 07 Aug 1682
abt 1628 Warselsmoor, Eckernfoerde, Slesvig, Denmark - 08 Feb 1684
Sprenge, Schleswig, Dänemark - 06 Jan 1768
02 Jan 1783 Blaakrog, Slesvig, Denmark - 22 Jul 1853 photo
25 Dec 1836 Duchy of Schleswig - 18 Jul 1913 photo
06 Apr 1798 Schleswig, Schleswig-Flensborg, Schleswig, Danmark - 13 Jul 1856
24 Sep 1772 Kiel, Slesvig-Holsten, Denmark - 12 Aug 1800

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