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Dutch Nobility
Dutch nobility is regulated by act of law in the Wet op de adeldom (Law Regarding Nobility, passed into law on May 10, 1994) and is overseen by the Hoge Raad van Adel (nl) (High Council of Nobility), an official state institution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

For further information and a list of noble families by rank please see Wikipedia.

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abt 1768 Halen, Oostenrijkse Nederlanden - 30 Nov 1841
22 Jun 1789 Mheer, Graafschap Dalhem, Oostenrijkse Nederlanden - 17 Jun 1838 photo
abt 1756 Roosbeek, Oostenrijkse Nederlanden - 05 Feb 1844
12 Jun 1900 Velp, Gelderland, Netherlands - 26 Aug 1984
18 Oct 1721 Nijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland - 08 Jan 1799
23 Aug 1786 Vlissingen, Zeeland, Nederland - 18 Jan 1853 photo
19 Mar 1901 Bussum, Noord-Holland, Nederland - 08 Jul 1956 photo

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