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History of Cattaraugus Co., New York

In concluding these historical sketches of the churches in the town of Freedom, it may be proper to add in the same connection some facts in regard to the Morman excitement of 1835, and the success attending the labors of the Mormon leaders in their efforts to obtain proselytes.
At the time mentioned, the quiet precincts of Fish Lake neighborhood were invaded by Joe Smith, Sidney Rigdon, John Gould and Parley Pratt. They made their headquarters at Rufus Metcalf’s and Dr. Warren Cowdery’s. Meetings were held daily and nightly, in barns and dwelling-houses, and a prodigious excitement pervaded the minds of many people in that immediate vicinity. Among those residents who were conspicuous as believers in the humbug were Dr. Cowdery, Rufus Metcalf, Nehemiah Sparks, Orrin Cheney, Hurd Cheney, Capt. Heman Hyde, Heman T. Hyde and wife, and Barber Lawson. As a result, 30 men and women were induced to join the Mormons, and emigrated with them to Kirtland, Ohio. Some came back and renounced their faith in Mormonism, while others continued with them to the end of their lives. [1]

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