Category: England, Barrett Name Study

Categories: Barrett Name Study

This is a subcategory of the Barrett Name Study.

Individual profiles should not use this category, Use only if the State location is UNKNOWN.
This category is for individuals who were born, lived or died in England.
You can have it added to the profile of one born a BARRETT by adding the following template:

{{One Name Study|name=Barrett|category=England, Barrett Name Study}}

This results in adding the One Name Study graphic link for the Barrett Name Study and the Category for England, Barrett Name Study to the profile.
The spouse of one born a BARRETT may be added by listing a category:

[[Category: England, Barrett Name Study]]

this code will just add the category for England, Barrett Name Study to the profile.
If the state does not have its own Sub-Category listed below then it should be added.
To add profiles to the state level put: Category: Name of State, Barrett Name Study inside [[ ]] at the top of the profile you wish to add.

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Person Profiles (10)

20 May 1805 London, England - Dec 1903
05 May 1793 Killinghall, Yorkshire, England - 13 Jan 1813
1592 Ashford, Kent, England - 07 Nov 1662
1630 Kent, England - 03 Jan 1716
abt 1615 England - 16 Aug 1672 photo
1562 Worfield, Shropshire, England - 1644
abt 1760 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
1621 England - 14 Jun 1652 photo
abt 1600 England - 06 Oct 1668
abt 1591 Westfall Suffolk England - abt 1626

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