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Categories: England, Mining Occupations

A weighman in the colliery weighed tubs or containers of coal as they came up from the mine. This should not be confused with a checkweighman, whose job was to check, in the interests of the workers, that the weighman wasn't cheating them in any way and was weighing, recording the weight, and estimating the amount of non coal in the tub fairly. He kept a separate written record of everything. A third similar sounding job, weigh clerk, was again different - this person weighed railway wagons full of coal as they passed over a weighbridge on their way out of the colliery towards a purchaser, and labelled them according to their destination.

Person Profiles (5)

abt 1868 Rycetloft, Lancashire, United Kingdom - abt 1939
1871 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom - 1944
1885 Chorley, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom - 05 Nov 1942
1868 Spaldington, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
1881 Matlock, Derbyshire, England - 1936 photo

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