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This category contains profiles of persons who worked as keelmen.

The name can be misleading as the Keels were of shallow draught and although the construction was around a keel this was not pronounced and steering was commonly by larboards which could be raised in the shallowest waters. In this respect modern keel boats do not resemble their forebears.

The Tyne Keelboat was relatively small and frequently rowed, ("Weel may the keel row that my laddies in") whereas the Humber Keel was a barge usually of about 50 to 70 tons which sailed not only on the Humber but also on the various rivers (the Ouse, the Calder, the Trent and the Hull) and many canals which came into the Humber. They could be sailed close to the wind so that even in enclosed waters it was rare that the crew was forced to row or pole the vessel until the tide or the wind turned.

The Humber Sloop like the Keel was fore and aft rigged but was not intended for canal work, so could have a broader beam and a real keel. Sloops ranged up to 400 tons and might sail to London or Newcastle.

Person Profiles (10)

abt 1808 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
1809 Keyingham, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom - 19 Jun 1884
Nov 1850 Hull, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
1801 Beverley, Yorkshire, England - Jan 1877
1834 Beverley, Yorkshire, England - 14 Dec 1907
1842 Ripon, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom - 1902
29 Jul 1872 Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom - 1954
bef 10 Jul 1836 Broomfleet, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom - 1911
1887 Poplar, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom - 1924
abt 1767 Ryton Woodside, Durham, England - Feb 1834 photo

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