Category: England, Towns Name Study

Categories: Towns Name Study

This subcategory is maintained by the the Towns Name Study and is a part of the Towns Name Study Category. Please visit the project page for more information.

This category is for individuals (with the surname Towns) who were born, died, married or proven residence in England. As a general rule, the Study Coordinator is using the location of death for placement in this category.
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NOTE: This Category is being restructured to include regions and the current profiles in this category will be moved to the correct region. K.Herndon, Study Coordinator, 26 Feb 2019

Person Profiles (12)

1680 Manchester, Lancashire, England - 1740 photo
bef 14 May 1854 Layham, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom - Jul 1935
abt 1901 Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
abt 1710 Sussex, England
abt 1680 - aft 1712
abt 1680 - aft 1712
bef 20 Sep 1862 Layham, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom - aft 1911
1660 Manchester, Lancashire, England photo
bef 04 Dec 1859 Layham, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom - aft 1901
bef 29 Apr 1858 Cosford, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom - Apr 1858
bef 16 Jul 1826 Polstead, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom - abt Mar 1898
bef 07 Apr 1850 Layham, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom - abt Jan 1932

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