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Current Members and Their Present Focus

If you are currently working on something within the EuroAristo project, please add your name and list your current focus. Please keep track of what you're currently working on for this project by changing the information shown and showing current date. This is both for your own reference and to aid collaboration amongst the project participants. If you are going to be temporarily inactive in the project (e.g. on vacation), please note that here. Thanks!
Andrew Lancaster. I intend to work on 3 medieval groups of families for now: the Le Strange families, the de Hastynges families, and the de Lancastres (not the royal ones, but the ones in northern England). The earliest de Lancastres clearly will also involve working on the early sightings of de Taillebois, fitz Reinfrid, de Coutances, Curwen etc. (September 2014) Patrick Barnum - Working on the aristocratic and royal ancestry of the Barnham (sometimes Barnum or Barnam) family of England. Adding project templates and source citations and cleaning up profiles. Beginning with the Lennard (Leonard), Fiennes and Neville ancestors of Sir Francis Barnham (1634-1668). His line will include both post-1500 and pre-1500 profiles. (September 2014). William Arbuthnot - Arbuthnott, Arbuthnot, Finley
John P Vickery IV - Coordinator Founder Clan Edmonstone Sub-Project of Scottish Clans Project (8 Aug 2016) Darlene Athey Hill - As co-leader, I'm working on cleaning up profiles, correcting LNAB to bring in compliance with EuroAristo guidelines, and looking for duplicates and handling merges. (June 2020) John Atkinson - Adopted orphaned profiles, mostly German royal/noble families and working my way through updating and merging, starting with Wurttemberg (28 April 2014)
Veronica Williams - Richard III project. Looking to identify proven mtDNA descendant line from Anne of York to Michael Ibsen. If time permits may expand to document other potential mtdna lines. Penny Blake - Only recently cross the "Posh" lines, but surnames include Hobart, Martineau, Middleton April Dauenhauer - focused on the Surety Barons of Magna Carta and others named in the Great Charter, especially Clare; also House of Montfort
Rhian Geleick - starting to organize the Lords of Seton and Winton, then moving back to earlier lines. Martyn Grifhorst - Categorization of European Nobility and spreading out from branches from Dutch nobles into Germany and Danmark. Morten Valner Grymer-Hansen - I research some Danish nobility. I am starting with some small families but I would like to extend my research later on. Families I am currently working on: de Thygeson, de Cederfeld, Ammitzbøll, and Rothe.
Thomas Halliday - Working on the House of Sachsen-Lauenburg beginning with Franz I and working in both directions. Lena Svensson - Swedish noble houses. (July 2014)
Lianne Lavoie - Finished all descendants of King Edward VII. Towards my ultimate goal of filling in all descendants of Queen Victoria, right now I'm working on the descendants of Wilhelm II, German Emperor, one of her 42 grandchildren. (4 April 2013) Roderick Mallia - I would like to give a helping hand with Maltese nobility. Progress will be slow for the time being because I do not have too much time on my hands, but I'm hoping that things will pick up in a couple of months' time. Jami McClary - Currently working on the descendants of Lord Charles Brandon, the 1st Duke of Suffolk and husband of Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII. (August 2014)
Magda- House of Arpad (Arpadhazi),The Hunyadis, Szapolyais, Jagello Dynasty and some Piasts. Also plan to fix, de-dupe Bohemia, Moravia, Kievs. Kathy Alvis Patterson - de Vere, Spanish royal houses Tracy Conrad - I would love to help with Anjou and Neville
Matt Pryber - Plantagenets, Lancaster, Butlers and other British families Adam McQuery - Norwegian Nobility to also include Scotland and the Isle of Man Lynden Raber - All ancient Royal European lines up into the present time. Also focusing on individuals coming to the New World during the Age of Exploration.
Larry Ridgley - Cleaning up the "Arnold" lineage which has Welsh roots as well as early New England history Michael Thomas - Have been collecting names all over Europe and filling out branches for several years. Now ready to begin a "special" project of particular interest, possibly with help from this group. Roger Travis - Working with Maggie N on cleaning up the House of Wessex. Continuing to be the point of contact for the houses I manage. If anyone would like to take over any of "my" houses, just let me know!
Lydia Vierson - Working on Luther/Abell ancestors back through Plantagenets to Charlemagne. Possible source work for Order of the Crown of Charlemagne. Vic Watt - Generally merging, cleaning up and sourcing. Barbara Bonanni Researching Bretagne and Montfort houses.
Jayme Arrington Researching predominantly Scottish nobility with a focus on the lines that my family descends from. Terri Rick Manager of Clan Cunningham; I am working the Scottish nobility with focussing on the Cunningham lines that my family descends from. Bob Brodie Working on Brodie Chief's line.
Karen Hodges Working on filling in gaps for the lineages of Edward I, William I "The Lion" King Of Scotland, Alfonso XI of Spain, Charles III of France, Louis VII of France, Sancho IV King of Castile & Leon, Philippe III KING France, Henry Plantagenet III king of England, James I King Of Scotland Jack Day My current central focus is tracing all possible ancestors of my gateway immigrant, Sampson Waring of Shrewsbury, Shropshire. This has taken me to a number of Domesday people as well as Welsh genealogy. I have a special interest in pre-742 profiles -- documenting both the facts and the legends I recently adopted all the orphaned pre-500 profiles in order to "keep them in the family". Others most welcome to help with them! (April 2018) Dr. Theodore Vandevis A significant gateway for Dutch people and specifically my and my wife's family to aristocracy is through the van Muijlwijck family line. I would like to expand that line as much as possible creating as many gateways as possible for Dutch WikiTree users to gain access to potential aristocratic ancestors and so 742 Charlemagne to 1499 and later would interest me.
Roger Williams My initial focus is the Berkeley family, to which I am linked. See Berkeley To-Do List for details. (March 2015) Terri Rick I am working with the Earls of Glencairn, Glengarnock. Carrick etc. Those are all members of my Clan Cunningham. (March 2015) Bea Wijma Working on my own profiles and others and between all other things, merging and improving profiles trying to find and add sources for many of the early ones, adding translations etc
R. G. Heroux Working on 17th century English emigrants to America and 17 century French royal descendant emigrants to Quebec back to and before Charlemagne. (June 2015) Janet Gunn Currently workinh on the 14th and 15th century Battiscombes, of Bridport, Dorset, England, and the associated female lines. (July 2015) Michael B Ashby.I am related to Richard Plantagent through his father-in-law Conan I (Berenger) De Bretagne De Renne. My aim is to try to obtain vaild proof of this rather than just general knowlwdge etc. (September 2015)
Raf Ceustermans.I am working on families from the duchy Brabant and their relatives. (January 2016) Doug Straiton. A co-Lead. I work on cleaning the Profiles with specific interest in British Isles and early military profiles. I also co-lead the UK projects and early Scandinavian groups. Iain Old Working on Scottish families with various links to France, Germany, Italy etc. Also Denmark as we have distant family links via Mary Donaldson. Aug 2017
Fred Bergman - building the "Nederlands Patriciaat" families and Lower Noble families as Gijsberti Hodenpijl, Hodenpijl. John Voltz. Gonzaga Family. (December 2016) Cynthia Edgemon Rushing - Research is finding quite a number of Danish and English ancestors of Royaly. Intend to select 1-2 families to work on as delve a bit deeper.
Russ Gunther Sourcing (including with memorials), cleaning up, adding categories to profiles, and improving profiles of my family lines (including de Vere) as I cross them (April 2017) Katie Colvin Working on my Colvin and Price lines Rich Devlin Working on Irish Kingdoms and their Kings. Currently building Kingdom pages, I'll then link Wikitree profiles (if built) and Wikipedia page to the kings on these pages - Aug 2017
SB Working on my Toney lines of Devon England and Normandy France. I am New to this. Dec 2017 Jeff Venable Working on the Venable barons of Kinderton. (30 Dec 2017) Michael Gutschmidt Adding to the ancestry of Wilhelm IV von Hessen and lower nobility in Hessen.
Maggie Andersson I am pre-1500 certified and work on Swedish nobles and royals. Doing so in contact with leaders of Project Sweden. For the time being (Jan 2018) I'm working on the house of Bonde and also merging and adding info to bios on other profiles when needed. Samantha Dear Adopted some orphaned Romanian aristocracy profiles such as Radu of Wallachia and his brothers. (April 2018) Mary Ann Brandt Jensen Coordinating the work of Project Denmark on Danish nobility mostly post 1500, but taking the Danish royal family back to Christian I, (1426 - 1481) to cover the full House of Oldenburg. (April 2018)
Derek Giroulle My focus is on Belgium and The Low Countries. My interest would be nobilty and royalty of the County of Flanders, Duchy of Brabant, Prince -Bishopry of Liege, Duchy of Burgundy, Kingdom of France, Princedom of Lotharingen (Lorraine), Habsburg Empire, de Nederlanden , Spanish Habsburgs (in the netherlands) but also the pre Capetian french period the post roman period and Carolingian and German empires. I can provide help with translating old documents (added august 2018)

Pam Kreutzer I've been working on the Alston family and those that connect to it. The connected family has led to profiles that cross over from EuroAristo and England managed profiles, so I've been able to work on both projects to connect and improve their bio's. I'm also interested in improving trails to the Magna Carta Signers that connect to my family. 9 April 2019

MaryAnn Thomas I am going to be working on European Royals and Aristocrats 1500-Present Project. My main focus will be on the Minter/Valentine/Crawford//Semphill. I am direct line from this family so I want to know about them and I am also interested in getting my Pre-1500 certification. The Magna Carta's are also of interest. 6/8/2019

Silverio Chiaradia Have started my studies 16 years ago about my family Chiaradia in Brazil, and that lead me to our root in Italy and all over Europe. My Grand-grand-grand-mother was a Sanseverino, a big family in the south of Italy. They interact with a lot of other families and are part of almost 15000 peoples I have attached to my tree in MyHeritage. I am transporting some of them to WikiTree. 8/23/2019

Thom Anderson Am currently working on the /SEMPILL/ family in Scotland. Anderson-23510 22:08, 16 September 2019 (UTC)

Juan Pedro Ruiz Castellano I will work on the Luna / Montijo family, lords of Fuentidueña and Huétor Tájar. Ruiz_Castellano-1 01:30, 14 January 2020 (UTC)

John Williams - I am currently cropping images of many members of nobility and royalty in order to improve their appearance as thumbnails. These images will mainly focus on their faces or the profiles of their heads in order to improve their appearance as thumbnails. Here is an example of what I am trying to accomplish. I will also be looking for additional images that are in compliance with copyright law. I will also work on the the Windsor family as I am a descendant of the original Windsor family which are not included in the current English royal family who adopted the surname Windsor in 1917 to avoid any anti-German sentiment during World War I since they were mostly German. Among my ancestors include Andrew Windsor, 1st Baron Windsor (1467-1543). Here is the relationship trail. I also plan to work on connections to the House of Neville and the House of Stafford. Williams-81019 09:46, 7 April 2020 (UTC)

Richard Shelley - Shelley, Mosley, Every, Couper, Wigram, Cornwallis Shelley-714 May 10, 2021

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