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This is the personal workspace of Oscar Evans.

Here I will list profiles that I need to work on, and they will be divided into subcategories based on which areas need work. These include:

  • Clean up biography
  • Needs more records
  • Needs profiles created
  • Missing important dates
  • Conflict and confusion
  • My brickwalls

Profiles on my tree and watchlist may be in none or multiple of these categories.

Here is a link to my Orphan Trail free space page, which contains many helpful links and resources.

To-do (some are short term whilst others are long term goals)

  • Add appropriate categories to all existing profiles on my tree
  • Complete profiles on the Chandler line
  • Begin work on Evans profiles
  • Connect-a-thon: Go through 'needs profiles' category on this page and also for Devon, Surrey, and Middlesex counties, continue adding profiles to tree as per normal
  • Sourt out Bynorth brickwall/confusion
  • Complete transferring all family tree data from FindMyPast to WikiTree
  • Orphan Trail 2 (should be available soon)
  • Explore more - look into more projects, teams, challenges, G2G, etc.
  • Increase involvement in Devon project - work on Devon profiles other than own
  • Begin a one name or one place study
  • Add contextual information to profiles on my tree
  • Add photos to profiles on my tree
  • Add personal memories to profiles on my tree
  • Add data, such as ancestors table, to my WikiTree profile
  • Work through profiles in subcategories in my personal category

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