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The Exarchate of Ravenna was a lordship of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) from 584 to 751. In 580, Emperor Tiberius II organised the isolated territories in the Byzantine Empire into five province eparchies. The exarchate was organised into a group of duchies that were mainly the coastal cities in the Italian peninsula. The remaining land was held by the Lombards. The Exarchate ended with the last exarch of Ravenna, Eutychius in 751.

The Exarchs of Ravenna were:

  • Decius
  • Smaragdus
  • Romanus
  • Callinicus
  • Smaragdus
  • John I
  • Eleutherius
  • Isaac
  • Theodore I Calliopas
  • Plato
  • Olympius
  • Theodore I Calliopas
  • Gregory
  • Theodore II
  • John II Platyn
  • Theophylactus
  • John III Rizocopus
  • Scolasticus
  • Paul
  • Eutychius

Source: Wikipedia: Exarchate of Ravenna

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