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This category is part of the "Migration by Family Line" research included within Fuller Name Study and has a companion page, Family Lines from Norfolk which details locations lived of all the known ancestors of the Fuller lines being studied.
The purpose of this category is to list the family lines being studied whose earliest known ancestor residing in Norfolk, England. The profile(s) of the earliest known ancestor(s) will be the only individual profile(s) shown in this category.
The standard word studies' location categories are available to any WikiTreer for their use.
Only profiles selected by members of this study may use this category.
We welcome anyone who wants to join our study and include their FULLER line in it. There is a listing of possible FULLER lines suitable for this study on this category's companion page, Family Lines from Norfolk.

For more details contact Pat Fuller from Family Lines, from Norfolk, Fuller Name Study a companion page of Category: Family Lines, Fuller Name Study. Her study starts with her last known FULLER born in Norfolk and includes all the places her FULLER ancestors lived.

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20 Oct 1701 East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut - 30 Dec 1740
09 Apr 1729 Barnstable, Massachusetts Bay - 20 Jan 1769

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