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Eligibility for First Families of Colorado Category

  • First Family: Ancestor must have been born in, or settled in, the land area of what is now Colorado before 1861.
  • Territorial Family: Ancestor must have been born in, or settled in, a territory that is now Colorado between 28 February 1861 and 01 August 1876.
  • Centennial Family: Ancestor must have been born in, or settled in, Colorado at least 100 years prior to the date of the application.

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Current List of Eligible Persons -- First Families of Colorado

NOTE: As new members prove their descent, the list of eligible ancestors grows. Here is the list as of January 2017

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abt 21 Jan 1815 Stafford, Connecticut - 10 Apr 1902
16 Mar 1830 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom - 13 May 1920
09 Sep 1812 Hille, Gävleborg, Sweden - 01 Aug 1894 photo
1833 Worcester, Massachusetts, United States - 18 Sep 1894 photo
22 Feb 1831 West Jefferson, Madison, Ohio, United States - 25 Mar 1903 photo
09 Nov 1815 Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA - 19 Mar 1910
May 1849 Lima, Peru - aft 31 May 1910
25 Sep 1854 Iowa, United States - 01 Oct 1895 photo
13 Nov 1831 Owermoigne Dorset, England - 17 Jan 1894 photo
11 Jun 1838 Canada - 05 Mar 1928

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