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Flag images are provided for use in profiles and templates, especially the Migrating Ancestor Template. These lists are by no means complete, thousands of variations have been used throughout history. The concept of a flag as a national (or regional) symbol is a relatively new idea, dating from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Previous to this flags served mainly a military purpose, especially maritime where much of the language associated with flags originated. Personal flags of royalty and nobility were used on the battlefield to provide encouragement to the armies and drew the attention of battlefield commanders to watch for signals for executing the battle. Likewise, regiments and battalions used various flags to identify themselves and their position to the generals and provide a rallying point for the soldiers assigned.

Using images of flags for earlier events is symbolic and whimsical but not historically accurate. Even most US State flags only date to around the turn of the 20th century.

If a flag image not present here is desired, please post in G2G with the tag Flags. A link to a public domain image of the desired flag would be helpful.

To use an image in a template, copy the file name from the "Image file" column on the flag table and paste in template where indicated.

To use an image apart from a template, use this wiki markup:

[[Image:file|x px|name or description]], where file = the file name from the "Image file" column on the flag table; x = size and name or description is the text that will display when the cursor rolls over the image.

so [[Image:US_Flags-2.png|75px|Betsy Ross Flag]] displays as: Betsy Ross Flag

The size can be adjusted by changing the px value: This a 50px image 50px; This is a 75px image 75px; This is a 100px image 100px; This is 200px image 200px.

There are different ways an image can be positioned. Using just the basic code, as above, the image will be treated as a character. Using <div align="center">[[Image:Flags-3.jpg|200px|Union Jack]]</div> will center the image with white space on either side:
Union Jack
"Right" or "Left" can be substituted for "Center" to justify the image with the margin.

CanadaTo wrap text around an image use:
<span style="float:left; margin-right:10px;">[[Image:Flags-1.png|200px|Canada]]</span>
This wraps the text to the right of the image. To wrap it on the left of the text switch "right" and "left" in the code.

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