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A Union U.S. Civil War era Coastal Fort named for Commodore Andrew H. Foote on 1 Oct 1863. The garrison was removed 10 Nov 1878 and the fort was abandoned.

Fort Foote was constructed atop Rozier's Bluff to strengthen the ring of fortifications that encircled Washington, D.C. Two of the Guns that protected Washington are still there along with the remains of the fort's earthworks.

Fort Foote was an American Civil War-era wood and earthwork fort that composed a portion of the wartime defenses of Washington, D.C., by helping defend the Potomac River approach to the city. It operated from 1863 to 1878, when the post was abandoned, and was used only briefly during the First and Second World Wars. Today, the fort is operated as Fort Foote Park, which is maintained by the U.S. National Park Service as part of the National Capital Parks-East system. The area's mailing address is Fort Washington, MD.


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