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Categories: Fictitious and Legendary Genealogy

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Genealogy has been subject to fraud and fakery since before the advent of written language. People have always told lies about their family backgrounds.

Some authors of family histories, even including once-respected genealogists, have created fabricated genealogies and pedigrees, or have introduced fake information into an otherwise valid genealogy. Some fake genealogy is fraudulent (e.g., created to sell noble pedigrees to eager customers), but it also might be created to enhance the author's status, to tell a good story to the grandchildren, or for other reasons not always discernible.

This category and its subcategories are intended to make people aware of genealogical authors and genealogies that have been determined to be frauds or fabrications, and alert people to the possibility that the information they find regarding a particular ancestor or family might have been fabricated. Categories are named for the perpetrator of the fraud or fabrication, if known, or for the topic of the fake genealogy.

If you have discovered a fraud or fabrication that's not categorized here, see About Frauds and Fabrications Categories.

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