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This campaign was comprised of the following:

Category Wikipedia link Year/s Victor
Battle of StaouéliWikipedia:Battle of Staouéli1830France
Battle of MactaWikipedia:Battle of Macta1835Algeria
Battle of SikkakN/A1836France
Battle of ConstantineWikipedia:Battle of Constantine1836Algeria
Siege of ConstantineWikipedia:Siege of Constantine1837France
Battle of MazagranWikipedia:Battle of Mazagran1840France
Battle of SmalaWikipedia:Battle of Smala1843France
Battle of Sidi BrahimWikipedia:Battle of Sidi Brahim1845Algeria
Siege of LaghouatWikipedia:Siege of Laghouat1852France

Wikipedia:French conquest of Algeria


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