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List of Gateway Ancestors; see also the tables at Base Camp for Gateways in an identified trail and this table that lists gateways with a guardian (primary point of contact for that Gateway Ancestor).

Our Gateway Ancestors are the American colonists with Magna Carta ancestry whose well-documented ancestral lines are treated in Douglas Richardson's Magna Carta Ancestry and Royal Ancestry (links are to WikiTree's source pages for them).
Of the twenty-five barons who signed a vow to enforce Magna Carta in 1215, only seventeen have known descendants past the fourth generation.
Profiles in this category include the 240 Gateway Ancestors listed in the front matter of Richardson's Magna Carta Ancestry (Index of Colonial Immigrants, p xxiii). The table was developed for use as a checklist against the profiles in the category. The table was developed using the Colonial Immigrants index in both Magna Carta Ancestry and Richardson's Royal Ancestry (2013).


  • b = badged (see Base Camp for details); b means there's a problem with the trail and it's being reviewed (if a name is lined through, see the profile for details)
  • g = guardian (see this page for a table showing Gateway Ancestors and their Guardians); means that a member of Project:Magna Carta has selected the Gateway to watch over for the project.

See also this page.

Abell, Robert b
Abney, Dannett b
Allen, Jane
Alsop, Elizabeth g,b
Alsop, George b
Alsop, Timothy b
Alston, John b
Argall, Sir Samuel
Asfordby, William b
Aston, [Lt. Col.] Walter
Aubrey, Barbara g
Baynton, Anne
Barclay, John
Barclay, [Gov.] Robert
Barham, [Capt.] Charles g
Barlow, Audrey
Batt, Christopher
Batte, Henry b,g
Batte, Thomas b,g
Batte, William b,g
Baynard, John
Beckwith, Sir Marmaduke b
Beresford, Dorothy
Berkeley, Sir William g
Bernard, Richard b
Bernard, William b
Bevan, John
Beville, Essex b
Bickley, Joseph b
Bladen, William
Blakiston, George
Blakiston, Nehemiah
Bolles, Joseph b
Booth, Thomas b
Bosvile, Elizabeth
Butler, Elizabeth
Bouchier, Mary g
Brent, [Capt.] George b
Brent, [Col.] Giles b
Brent, Robert b
Bressey, Thomas
Bromfield, Edward
Browne, Nathaniel
Bruen, Obadiah
Bulkeley, Elizabeth b
Bulkeley, Martha b
Bulkeley, [Rev.] Peter b
Bull, Stephen
Burrough, Nathaniel b
Butler, John
Butler, Thomas
Calthorpe, [Col.] Christopher
Calvert, Charles
Calvert, Leonard b
Carlton, Edward
Chauncy, [Rev.] Charles b
Cheseldine, Kenelm
Chetwode, Grace b
Clarke, Jeremy b
Clarkson, Matthew
Claypoole, Edward b
Claypoole, James b
Claypoole, Norton b
Clopton, William g
Codd, [Col.] St. Leger
Corbin, Sir Henry b
Corderay, Anna b
Covert, Elizabeth b
Coytemore, Elizabeth b
Coytemore, Thomas b
Crymes, [Dr.] William g
Cudworth, [Maj.] James
Culpepper, John b
Culpepper, Thomas b
Dade, [Major] Francis g
Davie, Humphrey
Deighton, Frances
Deighton, Jane
Deighton, Katherine
Derehaugh, Anne b
Digges, Edward b
Drake, Robert
Dudley, [Gov.] Thomas
Elkington, George b,g
Ellis, Rowland g
Eltonhead, Agatha
Eltonhead, Alice
Eltonhead, Eleanor
Eltonhead, Jane
Eltonhead, Martha
Farrar, William b,g
Fenwick, John
Filmer, Henry g
Fisher, John b
Fleete, Henry g
Foliot, Edward
Fowke, [Col.] Gerard
Gerard, Thomas
Goddard, William g
Greene, Jane
Greene, [Gov.] Thomas
Gurdon, Muriel
Gye, Mary g
Hamby, Katherine b
Harlakenden, Mabel
Harlakenden, [Lt. Col.] Roger
Harleston, Elizabeth
Harleston, John
Harris, Agnes b
Hawes, Edmund g
Haynes, Elizabeth
Horsmanden, Warham
Houston, Sir Patrick
Howell, Edward b
Hoyle, Edward
Humphrey, Anne of MA b
Humphrey, Anne of PA
Humphrey, Benjamin
Humphrey, Daniel
Humphrey, John
Humphrey, Rebecca
Ingoldsby, Olive b
Iremonger, Francis b
Iremonger, Martha b
Iremonger, Corderoy b
Iremonger, William b
Isham, Henry b
Jennings, [Col.] Edmund b
Kempe, Edward b
Kempe, Edmund b
Kempe, [Col.] Matthew
Kempe, Richard b
Knapp, Judith
Launce, Mary g
Levis, Hannah
Levis, Samuel
Levis, Sarah
Lightfoot, [Capt.] John
Lightfoot, Philip
Ligon, [Lt. Col.] Thomas g
Littleton, Nathaniel b,g
Lloyd, Thomas
Lovelace, Anne b
Lovelace, Thomas b
Lowe, [Col.] Henry
Lowe, Jane
Lowe, [Col.] Nicholas
Lowe, Vincent
Lowell, Percival b
Ludlow, Gabriel
Ludlow, Roger
Ludlow, Sarah
Lunsford, Thomas b
Lynde, Simon b
Mackworth, Agnes
Mainwaring, Mary b
Mallory, [Capt.] Roger b,g
Mallory, Thomas b,g
Mansfield, Anne
Mansfield, Elizabeth b
Mansfield, John
Manwaring, Oliver b
Marbury, Anne b
Marbury, Katherine b
Marshall, Elizabeth g
Mauleverer, Anne g
More, Richard
Need, Joseph
Need, Mary
Nelson, John b
Nelson, Margaret b
Nelson, [Capt.] Philip
Nelson, Thomas
Newton, Ellen
Norwood, [Maj] Charles b
Norwood, [Col.] Henry b
Owen, Elizabeth
Owen, Joshua
Owen, Rebecca
Owsley, [Maj.] Thomas b
Oxenbridge, [Rev.] John
Palgrave, Dr. Richard
Parker, George
Parker, Richard
Pelham, Herbert b
Peyton, [Maj.] Robert b,g
Pole (or Poole), Elizabeth
Pole (or Poole), William
Popham, George
Randolph, Henry b
Randolph, William b
Raynsford, Edward
Reade, [Col.] George b,g
Rodney, [Capt.] John
Rodney, William b
Rudyard, Thomas
Saltonstall, [Maj.] Richard
Scott, Dorothy g
Skepper, Rev. William b
Skipwith, Anne b
Skipwith, Diana
Skipwith, Sir Grey
Smith, Lawrence
Somerset, Mary Johanna
Spotswood, [Maj-Gen.] Alexander b
St John, Elizabeth b
St Leger, Katherine b
Stockman, John
Stoughton, Rose
Stratton, John g
Taylor, James
Throckmorton, John
Torrey, [Rev.] Samuel
Torrey, [Capt.] William
Touteville, Margaret
Towneley, Mary
Towneley, Lawrence
Tyndal, Margaret
Waldegrave, Jemima b
Washington, [Col.] John g
Washington, Lawrence
Welby, Olive b
Wentworth, [Elder] William
West, Elizabeth b
West, Francis b
West, [Col.] John
West, [Lt. Col.] Nathaniel b
West, Sir Thomas b,g
Whitaker, [Rev.] Alexander
Whitaker, Jabez g
Wolseley, Mary
Woodward, Frances g
Woodward, Sarah
Worden, Peter g
Wyatt, Sir Francis b
Wyatt, [Rev.] Hawte b
Wyche, Henry b
Wyllys, Amy
Yale, Thomas
Yate, George

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  • William Farrar I 25 Apr 1583 Croxton Parish, Lincolnshire, England - 11 Jun 1637
  • John Fenwick abt 1618 Stanton, Northumberland, England - before 16 Apr 1684
  • Henry Filmer abt 1607 East Sutton Manor, Kent County, England - aft 1673
  • John Fisher before 7 Mar 1601 Pluckley, Kent, England - abt 1639
  • Henry Fleete abt 1602 Chartham, Kent, England - before 8 May 1661
  • Edward Foliot abt 1610 London, England - before 24 Jul 1690
  • Gerard Fowke abt 1620 Brewood Parish, Staffordshire, England - 30 Oct 1669






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