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A large body of genealogy for the GOODMAN, BABCOCK, CROSS, PITT families of England and KELLY, ELLIOTT, HAMILTON families of Ireland, MARIN and BROUILLARD families of France and Canada, BRENTON, BRUNTON, FARQUHARSON, MACINTOSH, MCLELLAN, MCNAB, SOUPER families of Scotland and MICHELSEN family of Norway appears to be fictitious or fabricated.

Currently, all of the profiles in this category deemed to be fabricated are being adopted by the Disproven Existence Adjunct Project. Legitimate profiles that have been previously linked to the Goodman Genealogy should retain the category listing and should have an annotation in the Research Notes section explaining why the category is present on the profile.

This category is a location to identify the profiles of people whose biographies and family histories have been affected (or in some cases may have been affected) by Goodman Genealogy fabrications. "Affected" is the operative word -- listing in this category does NOT mean that the profile itself is fraudulent; hopefully it is listed because the fabrication has been identified and can be corrected.

A pdf copy of a section of the "The Goodman Genealogy" has been posted on the profile of Anne Maria O'Kelly

Some of the Babcock profiles in this category have their origin in the Albert Welles Fraud -- see Category: Albert Welles Fraud

In 1844 Mr. Sidney Babcock, of New Haven, Conn., printed a leaflet containing the Babcock coat of arms, and certain Babcock family records which he states were copied from records prepared by Albert Wells, of Palmyra, N. Y.
In American Family Antiquity, published in 1881 by Albert Welles, the dates and incidents found in the leaflet referred to are essentially repeated.
A catalogue of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut, published by R. R. Hinman, 1846, contains virtually the same Babcock records as those given by Welles. In 1852 Hinman published another volume of the same name, in which his Babcock records are repeated and enlarged, and at the end of these records he states "Communicated by Wells ;" hence it appears that Wells was responsible for Babcock records published by Hinman.


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