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Muster Roll of Major John Brown's Detachment of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont Militia, which was part of Captain Elijah Babcock's Company of the Green Mountain Boys, dated Feb. 12, 1776, near Quebec, Canada.

"Green Mountain Boys, patriot militia in the American Revolution. The Green Mountain Boys began in 1770 at present-day Bennington, Vermont, as an unauthorized militia organized to defend the property rights of local residents who had received land grants from New Hampshire. New York, which then claimed present-day Vermont, disputed New Hampshire’s right to grant land west of the Green Mountains. The Green Mountain Boys stopped sheriffs from enforcing New York laws and terrorized settlers who had New York grants, burning buildings, stealing cattle, and administering occasional floggings with birch rods.

The Green Mountain Boys immediately joined the Revolution, and on May 10, 1775, fewer than a hundred of them, under the joint command of Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold, captured Fort Ticonderoga. Eventually they became part of the Continental Army and served in the abortive offensive against Canada. Reorganized despite an ongoing conflict with New York over jurisdiction, the Green Mountain Boys took the field against General John Burgoyne in 1777, playing central roles at the battles of Hubbardton and Bennington. The latter action, which destroyed a detachment of Burgoyne’s army as it sought to forage for supplies, was crucial to Burgoyne’s eventual defeat.

Other Green Mountain Boys, under Allen’s mercurial leadership, continued an internal war against “Yorkers,” a campaign Allen is said by some accounts to have pursued to the point of negotiating for Vermont’s return to British allegiance. His resignation from the Vermont militia in 1781 rendered the subject moot, and Vermont in 1791 joined the union as its 14th state."[1]


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  • Ethan Allen 10 Jan 1738 Litchfield, Litchfield, Connecticut - 12 Feb 1789



  • Silas Canfield 24 Apr 1741 Ridgefield, Fairfield, Connecticut - abt 1823


  • William Fitch 18 Sep 1734 Lebanon, Colony of Connecticut - 30 Apr 1785



  • Asaph Putnam 11 Sep 1724 Salem Village, Essex Co., MA - 6 Aug 1796



  • Seth Warner 6 May 1743 Roxbury, Litchfield, Connecticut - 26 Dec 1784

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