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This category contains profiles of persons who served aboard the HMAS Quickmatch (1942)

HMAS Quickmatch (G92/D21/D292/F04) was a Q-class destroyer operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Although commissioned into the RAN in 1942, the ship was initially the property of the Royal Navy. Quickmatch served with both the British Eastern Fleet and British Pacific Fleet during World War II.

See: HMAS Quickmatch 1942 the free-space page for detailed information.

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20 Jul 1926 Bowden, South Australia, Australia - 03 Jan 2018 photo
23 Mar 1921 Fairfield, Victoria, Australia - 10 Feb 1964
11 May 1925 Lisburn, Antrim, Northern Ireland - 23 Aug 1967 photo

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