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This category is to be used for the earliest FAIRBAIRN male where DNA tested descendants show the line belongs to Haplogroup I.

This is Lineage 1 in the Fairbairn DNA Project

DNA branches

As at Oct 2021 we appear to be forming several defined sub clusters of BigY I haplogroup tested descendants, all under

I-Y7277 (on yFull]) or I-Y7277 (on FTDNA)

but more closely to genealogical timeframes under sub branch:

I-Y32666 (yFull) currently shown there as equivalent to I-BY21365 and I-BY21376, but split as "father" & "son" on FTDNA
where all shown under this sub branch appear in y111 matches to each other, albeit some down at GD8 to the Fairbairns but some much closer (some of the Elliott surname outliers show as GD4)
I-BY21376 is now splitting into 2 further groups
I-BY34592 (FTDNA) the Elliott outliers I-BY34592 (yFull)
I-BY21384 (FTDNA) the Lineage 1 haplogroup I Fairbairns
yFull does not yet group the three Fairbairn sub clusters under a parent SNP branch but does show three groups.

Person Profiles (11)

abt 1746 Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland
abt 1775 Midlothian, Scotland - bef 1826
28 Apr 1663 Innerwick, East Lothian, Scotland
abt Jan 1722 Lidgatehead, Earlston, Berwickshire, Scotland - 25 Oct 1808
abt 1765 Berwickshire, Scotland - aft 1810
abt 1760 Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland
abt 1705 Melrose, Roxburghshire, Scotland - aft 1742 photo
abt 1788 Earlston, Berwickshire, Scotland - 27 Jun 1863
abt 1765 Smailholm, Roxburghshire, Scotland - 28 Mar 1832
bef 1809 Eckford, Roxburghshire, Scotland - aft 1854
abt 1790 Berwickshire, Scotland - 17 Oct 1854

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